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December 05, 2015

Changing the "Maybe Reads" to "Never Reads"?

I have this thing where even if I didn't like the first book in a series, I still end up the sequel as "maybe read". Granted, I only do this for books I gave a 2.5 to 3 star rating that I feel maybe, juuuust maybe, the sequel would be so much better. These also include books I actually own the sequel of and think it's premature to write the series off because let's be real, it hurts knowing I spent money on these books early on and now I could have saved myself the money by just being a sensible shopper and only buying the first book first. Ofcourse I don't add every single sequel of a disappointing book in the maybe read pile. So there are actually not that many but I want to show you them and the comments will be the last try at persuading me to keep them as maybe read and not remove them out of my reading life completely. 

The two dystopian books, In The After and Mila, were quite opposite in the way I felt about them. For In the After, the first half was addicting, but the second half took a nosedive, as for Mila, the first half was very boring and the second half picked up. However both of their better halves weren't good enough for me to give them above a 3 star rating. So the main question is, are the sequels better?

Pretty Crooked was supposed to be a mystery or something but I totally forgot anything to do with it.. i think I thought in the end it was pretty childish and even with the first book, none of the mystery got solved and that annoyed me. As for The Iron King, oh man I thought that book was so very childish and cliche and cheesy. The romance killed the whole book for me. Lastly, I know this is a crowd favourite and I apologise ahead of time, but I really disliked City of Bones. It was so boring and too detailed in its descriptive paragraphs. I did enjoy the movie (I know! many people didn't), and I'm planning on tuning in for the show.. but I think to myself... why go through the torture of reading the series when I can just watch it?


  1. In the End is a very disappointing ending (if you could even call it that) to the duology. I liked the first book and also gave it 3 stars but the sequel is just... ugh. Renegade is also a maybe-read for me and mostly because I already own the book but I did like Mila 2.0. I gave it 3 stars, too. I read City of Bones back in 2012, or at least I tried. I DNF'ed it. I am most probably never reading the rest of the series. I loved The Infernal Devices, though.

    Haraiah @ Random Things In Action

  2. Aw :( I'm so sorry that you didn't like City of Bones sweet girl :\ I love those books :D I think you should give it another try, hih :) But ahh. Those fairy books.. I gave five stars to all of them. But it has been years since I read them. And I don't think I would love them today :\ Which hurts my heart. How mean, lol. Aaanyway. I totally get what you mean, though :) There are many books that I thought I would read, but now don't want to read at all. Thank you for sharing Juhina. <3

  3. I have such a hard time deciding if I want to continue a series if I wasn't a huge fan of the first book. I generally will wait till they all come out to decide, or ask my trusty reviewer friends for advice. Even after all of that I still sometimes struggle with what to do. Sometimes I continue a series and am grateful and sometimes I super regret it. lol So really I am no help on this topic.

  4. I used to have this urge to buy all the books in a series too in one go, but its always disappointing when the first or some books in the series don't end up working for you, I really think that I need to take a few books off my shelf that I know I won't be reading anymore!

  5. I REALLY Disliked City of Bones too! I liked a few aspects but I was really annoyed by most of it. I actually went on with the series and honestly, I wish I could tell you that I recommend going on with the series. I didn't like book 2 any better, book 3 maybe a little bit, but it was supposed to be the last one...and then it wasn't. Those books are overrated in my opinion and I don't get the huge following. I have yet to try Iron King though, I own the first 3 books so I will at least give it a go, but I don't high hopes. Good luck with deciding what to do with these series^^ I know what you mean, it's awful when you spend money on a popular series only for it to dissapoint!

  6. Hey Juhina! Gosh, its been way too long since I've been on the Maji Bookshelf. Good to be back :D I have so many books on my shelf that I feel this way about, its so hard. I've only read two of the series, the Iron Fey and The Mortal Instruments - both of which I actually really enjoyed. I'd say with COB that the plot changes from the first book, however I feel like if you didn't like the first then you probably wouldn't enjoy the others. Although, The Iron Fey I think is one you'll be pleasantly surprised with if you give it another go, its definitely worth a shot.

    - Sunny @ A Sunny Spot

  7. Oh, you really disliked City of Bones? It's one of my favorite books just as the serie, it's amazing. But i understand your point and i have to say that City of Bones isn't perfect, if you read with attention you'll see that have some mistakes. But i love this serie and i think that Cassandra is an amazing writer, so i'll tell you to continue the serie. BUT, in my opinion City of Bones is better than City of Ashes, so if you really want to like the serie you should read City of Ashes and City of Glass, because it's so far the best book of the serie.
    I'm sorry if i couldn't express myself so well, but i'm brazilian, so i'm not fluent in English yet!
    Loved the post!