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September 06, 2015

Juice: Recipes for juicing, cleansing & living well

Do you guys remember a while back when Juhina and I made this video about the book Juice? We bookmarked a couple of other recipes that we wanted to try out but never got around to doing it. So, almost a year later, here we are! 
This time around I decided to try out a green juice recipe, one that included common ingredients and wasn't too difficult to make. I went with the basic GREENS 1 recipe which included the following ingredients: 
+ Spinach 
+ Kale
+ Lettuce
+ Cucumber
+ Parsley
+ Lemon Juice
Since I don't own a juicer, I added everything into the blender and added a bit of water to be able to blend well.
And voila! Green juice! I was actually pleasantly surprise with how brightly green the juice was and how easy it was to make.
Taste wise, it tasted like green juice, which is not to say it tasted bad, but if you've never tried it, it's definitely a surprise. I did notice that the juice was separating after a while and I'm not sure if using a juicer would make any difference.  
My favourite thing about this book is that most of the recipes are quite similar to each other yet each has a different twist to it. If you love juicing but need to change up your recipe a bit this is definitely the book to go to. I really do like how there are different sections for greens, roots and citrus so it really gives you a variety into what juicing consists of. It also has little bits of information about each juicing and how to overall cleanse your body and become a little bit healthier!
As for my next juice, I'm really eyeing the ones with watermelon... perfect for summer time! 


  1. I do like juices every now and then. I've been trying to get healthier and this definitely could be beneficial :)

  2. This post is gorgeous :D Thank you so much for sharing Lobna. <3 Love the pictures. I need to start drinking more healthy.. hah :D