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June 29, 2015

Review: Snow White and the 77 Dwarfs by Davide Cali & Raphaelle Barbanegre

Title: Snow White and the 77 Dwarfs
Author: Davide Cali and Raphaelle Barbanegre
Publisher: Random House CA
Publication date: April 14, 2015 
Genre(s): Children (Picture Books)
Source: Publisher
Format: Finished Copy
Pages: 32
Snow White is on the run from an evil witch when she comes across some dwarfs in the forest. They agree to take her in and keep her safe if she will help them with their chores. She soon realizes she's taking on a lot more than she bargained for. 77 breakfasts to make, 77 lunches to pack (don't forget the juice boxes!), 77 pairs of pants to mend and a whole lot of dishes. Eventually Snow White decides to take her chances with the witch. There's a surprise ending... well, it may not be so surprising. This is a hilarious retelling of the classic tale, with bright, energetic illustrations featuring busy dwarfs, and the even busier Snow White.
I am in university, and I am not ashamed to say I enjoyed this picture book. It is a children's book, so no doubt there was very minimal text. BUT, the drawings/graphics/pictures were so interesting and fun to look at! I absolutely loved the art, and I would be scrutinizing every page trying hard not to miss anything. Every page was so full of context and color, it was seriously beautiful to look at. There was also a hilarious twist to the original Snow White story that really had me laughing at the end of this book. Definitely recommend this to any children out there, or anyone who is a fan of art and the Snow White stories.

The jacket of the book also happens to be a poster! How cool is that!


  1. This looks like a super fun picture book, and the color in that book looks fantastic!

  2. This looks so freaking cute! I want to read it haha

  3. Oh wow. I love the bright colours and graphics. Working in a library I do like to browse to picture books too. Great review.

  4. Oh I totally get you–I’m in university too and I have no shame in reading gorgeous picture books. This one looks so beautiful and colourful! Glad you enjoyed it :D Love the pictures and great review!