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August 19, 2012

Review: Wild Horse Spring by Lisa Williams Kline - Farah

Title: Wild Horse Spring (Sisters in All Seasons, #2)
Author: Lisa Williams Kline
Publication Date: May, 2012
Publisher: Zondervan
Genre(s): Middle Grade (contemporary)
Challenges: Contemporary
Source: Publisher
Format: ARC
Pages: 260
WILD HORSE SPRING brings the sisters to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, where the two are convinced their once shaky relationship is now mended. But when Cody, a charming boy on an ATV, shows interest in both sisters, the seemingly vanquished sibling rivalry returns to the surface, until Cody is suspected in an ATV accident that critically injures a wild horse.

With Cody as a suspect, Diana and Stephanie attempt to put their jealousy aside to help prove their friend's innocence. Will the girls be able to work with each other long enough to clear Cody's name?

Drawing both a complex and realistic picture of a relationship between two very different characters, Kline gives a voice to young girls everywhere, from those with wild spirits to those who are more shy and subdued. Packed with relatable stories, animal adventures, and a believably blended-family dynamic, the Sisters in All Seasons series will touch the hearts of many readers.
Wild Horse Spring is the second installment of the Sister in All Seasons series. Though this time, it's the summer where they go to North Carolina. Diana and Stephanie are step sisters, who do not like each other very much. The first book was very interesting to see how their first reactions and feelings towards each other would turn out to be, but this book is different. It's the next summer these girls have to spend with each other, and another adventure of despise and jealousy. The book is told from both of Diana's and Stephanie's point of views. It was interesting to see both of the girls thoughts, and especially what both of them think of each other. 
If you had to ask me, I'd more likely be friends with Diana. Diana is the type of girl who loves animals, and likes to explore the nature by herself. While Diana is so cool, and worries about other things, Stephanie is more of a girly girl. All she seems to care about is her clothes and hair, which is not wrong at all, but not my kind of thing. That's why she kind of annoyed me sometimes. The story was fine in the beginning, until we meet Cody. A boy to stir up the story. While I really hoped for some "romance" to happen between Cody and one of the girls, I was disappointed to find only friendship between them. Although, it was still fun to see Stephanie get jealous when Cody hung out with Diana, because Steph started acting like such a baby, it really got to my nerves. I was like HA! I hope Cody likes Diana so stephanie can go cry, but then i'd feel sorry for her. Stephanie annoyed me pretty much most of the time, but I can't say that Diana hasn't. Diana being mean and stubborn to everyone kind of pissed me off. She acted like such an attention-seeker, but I guess that's one of the problems separated families face. 
Overall, I really think this book would be very fun for younger readers! I, myself, enjoyed it a lot. Though I have to say there wasn't a huge problem or major story in the book, it was kind of chill throughout, more for younger readers. It was a very fast read, and very fun as well! I do really want to pick up the third book in this series!
The rest of the series:
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  2. Awesome review! I have not heard of this one before but the cover is adorable and this seems like a fun series. Although it is for young readers it still looks like a novel I would enjoy! Thanks for sharing.