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May 14, 2012

Review: Summer of the Wolves by Lisa Williams Kline - Farah

Title: Summer of the Wolves
Author: Lisa Williams Kline
Publication date: May 2012
Publisher: ZonderKidz
Genre(s): Young Adult/Tween (Contemporary)
Challenges: Contemporary
Source: Publisher
Format: Paperback
Pages: 176
Age, This is the story of Diana and Stephanie, new stepsisters on a vacation at a ranch with Diana's mom and Stephanie's dad, who are newlyweds. Diana has a 'mood disorder' for which she takes medication. In her estimation, Stephanie is just too perfect. But Stephanie has some secrets of her own. The girls band together to free two captive wolves, an action that has unexpected and unintended consequences. Told in the alternating voices of Diana and Stephanie, the book explores themes of family, friendship, mental health, and nature.
Summer of the Wolves is the first book in the "Sisters in all Seasons" series, and it was just what I needed. A chill, cute, and fun contemporary book that never bored me. The writing was never confusing, and the flow of the book was great. It sort of felt like realistic fiction to me, because it talked about the relationship between the two step sisters, and their struggle to accept the reality of them becoming one family.
First off, I would like to say that I loved the idea of portraying it from both of the girls points of views. One chapter it would be Diana speaking, and the other chapter it would be Stephanie. It wasn't even confusing, but it made me connect to both of the characters more.   Norm, who is stephanie's father, and Lynn, who is Diana's mother, decide to go to a family trip so the girls would get along better. Diana, having a 'mood disorder' hates the fact of having a new sister. She's scared, and doesn't even want to try to be nice to Stephanie, which kind of annoyed me and made me think of her as a spoiled brat. On the other hand, Stephanie is trying her best to be nice and kind to Diana. She wants Diana to like her back. I'm glad there wasn't too much family drama in this book, because even the sister's fights together were normal and believable. 
Overall, I enjoyed the concept of the book. It wasn't fluffy and it wasn't over dramatic either. It was a really fast read as well, and I cannot wait to read the sequel "Wild Horse Spring". If you enjoy contemporary, or realistic fiction books, you should give this book a try. Even though it isn't fully young adult, it didn't seem childish to me at all. 
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  1. Ever notice how a lot of contemps feature at least one character with a disorder? *rolls eyes*

    I don't know why that bothers me. ANYWAY, dude, I'm digging this review. I'm in the mood for some light order contemporaries perfect for summer. And that's what this feels like without being fluffy in a good way. Plus, fast read? YES. Don't we all kind of need that, right now. I smell finals. *sigh*