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October 10, 2011

My Bookworm Santa!

So Farah & I decided to join this lovely event. Us being international bloggers make it hard sometimes to join in on the fun but we've put our feet down and decided we're joining it even if we have to steal our dad's visa *evil smile* so in the spirit of book loving and meeting more book bloggers and just basically having fun we've signed up for it and you should too!

My Bookworm Santa is an event created by Bree at The Magic Attic and Michelle at Book Briefs.

Head over to either one of Bree and Michelle's blog to read more about it and if you like it then sign up! 

you don't need to celebrate Christmas to join (we don't but we're joining). Basically each person will be given another person's name and their wishlist and you will be their "Secret Santa" and send a book from their wishlist to them. Someone will do the same for you, and at the end of the event all the Secret Santas will be revealed and hopefully you'll make more friends! 

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