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December 14, 2015

Welcome to our new blog, blog sisters, and so much more!

In late November, Juhina posted a tweet on Twitter asking if anyone was interested in co-blogging with her could contact her to get in touch. I (Jacquelyn, blogger at YA Bookmark) retweeted it to get the word out about it but immediately thought of how cool it would be to blog with Juhina. Ever since November of 2014, I had joined Audris over at the YA Bookmark blog and I was her co-blogger. We somehow all were brought into the conversation and we started brewing some ideas together!

Neither one of us wanted to give up our blog name or stop posting on our site so we found a way to come together as a team and all blog on both of our sites. We began brainstorming and eventually came up with the idea to become sister blogs! I (Arshia, blogger at Maji Bookshelf) was recently added as a co-blogger to join forces with Juhina so we all joined together to create a four person team, and two sister blogs. Each of us will all make and publish posts on both of our blogs. We wanted a way that would be fun, bring more attention and publicity to our blogs, and a way to have more posts and make the blog more active. 

We all are very excited about this new part of our blogging adventure and we are really looking forward to coming together and all helping each other while still sharing our passion of books. We want the blogs to almost look the same, since we are sister blogs. Each blog will look quite similar but there will be different colors to set them apart. We hope that all of you are as excited for this new journey as we are! We are really looking forward to this new setup and we are really thankful that our idea has been taken and made into something more.

To celebrate our new joining of blogs, we have set up a giveaway for you all! Enter for a chance to win one of our favorite books that we have read during 2015. We wish all of you luck!

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  1. My favourite book I've read so far was Into A Million Pieces by Angela V. Cook! :)

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  3. Welcome indeed! Sister blogs sounds really cool, best of luck to you ladies with this exciting new partnership^^ Oh and good luck to everyone participating in the giveaway :D

  4. Oh gosh, i loved the idea of Sister blog, it's amazing!
    I really want Angelfall, it'll be so nice if i win this!


  5. In 2015 I read both books in the Rebel Belle series by Rachel Hawkins and absolutely loved them! Miss Mayhem was just released earlier this year and I bought it the first day it was out. Loved it!

  6. Seems interesting. I'll be interested in seeing what the year will bring in blogging for all you guys. Make it interesting!

    Cassandra @ Book & Movie Dimension a Blog

  7. My favorite book of 2015 so far was I'll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson!

  8. I would have to say Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert!

  9. Favourite book of the year has to go to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!