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November 08, 2015

No-Churn Ice Cream - over 100 simply delicious no-machine frozen treats

It's official, I'm never eating store bought ice cream when I can make ones that are not only delicious, but I actually know every single ingredient that goes in and I control how much sugar, fat, and flavours that go in my ice cream. 

To put it simply, I feel like I was robbed somehow because making this ice cream was THE simplest dessert I EVER made in my life. I ended up choosing to make chocolate ice cream because if you know me, that's basically the only ice cream I ever buy. The ingredients were so simple, and I didn't even need any baking equipment, just a bowl, a hand mixer, and something to put the final product in and put in the freezer. I also modified some of the ingredients, the first is only putting in half of the required sweetened condensed milk, and it STILL came out a bit too sweet for our taste. My family doesn't really eat overly sweet desserts so our taste buds are sensitive to sweet things. Also, I added instant coffee instead of vanilla extract (something the book mentioned as a replacement if we love coffee, which my family loves a little too much). That small addition of coffee made the whole ice cream taste SO much better. The bitterness of the coffee also covered up the slightly too sweet taste of the overall ice cream. 

I ended up serving this to two guests at our house and one of them was very surprised that this was all done manually without the use of an ice cream machine and they both really liked it. My dad, who is an ice cream junkie, gobbled it up, and my brother, who rarely eats dessert, ate one spoon forcefully (by me) but ended up taking the spoon from me and eating a couple more. That, my friends, is all the confirmation you need to know that this book is worth it. It does not only have ice cream, but sherbets, gelato (which is different than regular ice cream), cakes, and other ice cream incorporated desserts. I definitely recommend it to fans of ice cream who don't like all the additives in the store bought ice cream as well as ones who can experiment with different flavours and basically make the ice cream exactly how they want it, in half an hour, with the least amount of utensils. The only sad part is having to put the ice cream in the freezer for 6 to 8 hours before you can actually eat it. 

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