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February 21, 2015

Juhina's "currently" post - books, shows, music

So I have been meaning to do a post like this for a while. On the youtube channel I do a currently reading and currently watching korean dramas from time to time. I thought I would do something similar on the blog!

Since this is a book blog, let's start off with this one. These are the books that I am currently reading at the time of making this post. I am

Into the Darkest CornerA Great and Terrible Beauty (Gemma Doyle, #1)

I am 100 pages into Into the Darkest Corner and boy is it addicting. This is an adult mystery thriller and it is super creepy and unsettling. I am buddy reading it and I'm having so much fun with all the theorizing going on. 

I am only on the second chapter of A Great and Terrible Beauty. This is the book club pick with the awesome GTA girls and I wasn't 100% impressed with the first chapter. Still, it is set in a boarding school, in England… and there are supernatural elements involved. 

Are you ready? there are several shows I'm currently watching right now. Some I do watch but I have paused, or they're on hiatus, so this won't be as long as mentioning everything that I watch. Other tv shows I watched not pictured (The Good Wife, Revenge, Awkward, and Madam Secretary)

Grey's Anatomy: This show tugs at my heartstrings like no other show has ever done. I pretty much cry on every.single.episode. The show also gets better and better with each new season

Reign: A new addition to my watch list. I'm also up to date and I am loving the 16th century setting as well as the strong female protagonist. 

The Mentalist: I am two episodes behind, but this show aired its series finale on the third week of february. I am so sad that it's over because I love Patrick Jane and the whole team. 

The 100: Another new addition. The newest actually. Surprisingly when I first watched episode one, I truly disliked the show, but I picked it up several months later and marathon-ed the whole thing. Bellarke all the way and I truly love the strong female protagonist in this show too. 

Nashville: A show I never thought I would enjoy but surprisingly it is addicting. I ended up marathoning all three seasons last year and now I'm up to date. I do get frustrated with Raina's story arc but other than that, it is highly enjoyable. Have I mentioned it centers around country musicians?

Modern Family: This show never gets old. Its writing is witty, funny, and laugh out loud. I honestly hope it never gets cancelled. 

The Mindy Project: This show had its ups and downs but the last couple of episodes were superb. I love Mindy Kaling and anything she writes and is involved in is guaranteed to be hilarious

Jane the Virgin: One of the few fall shows I picked up for 2014-2015. The telenovela feel of it is what makes it so unique. Also Rafael's handsome face doesn't hurt. 

File:Healer-p1.jpg File:Pride and Prejudice (Korean Drama)-p1.jpg

Healer: I am on episode 18 of this superb drama. I will probably be done with the whole drama (20 episodes) by the time this post is up. I had my doubts initially about it but the writing and the acting proved me wrong. I love how engaging and addicting the show is. 

Pride and Prejudice: I seem to only have around two to three episodes but this show suffers from an overload of information syndrome. I am so lost. So much politics and conspiring going on that I've pretty much given up on understanding what the hell is going on. I will be finishing it because I do want to figure out who's the bad guy in the show and the murder mystery too.

Here are some potential korean dramas I'll be checking out
Hyde, Jekyll and I 06
Jekyll and Hyde: A drama about a CEO of a theme park that suffers from split personality
Heart to Heart: About a girl with a social phobia that suffers from severe blushing
Kill Me, Heal Me: About a guy with seven different personalities 
Spy: A mother, son drama where one is a spy for North Korea, the other for South Korea

it has not escaped my attention that 3 of these 4 dramas center around psychological/mental illnesses. I am ver excited to see how the korean drama world tackles such topics! Also, Spy has Kim Jaejoong as the lead. That's all I need to know.. but with the bonus of a spy plot? i'm in.  

I pretty much get all my music through Songza's blogged 200 playlist. I'm telling you guys, this is the best thing ever. 

I am currently obsessed with The Do. I listen to both Trustful Hands and Despair constantly.

I'm also listening to Kiesza's Sound of a Woman album on repeat. 

A couple of other songs I discovered on Songza I think you should check out

And that's a wrap!


  1. I'm so sad for The mentalist as well. Patrick Jane is adorable, I loved his character and I'm gonna miss him so much!! :'(

    If you like Reign, you should totally check out The Musketeers, BBC. I discovered this tv show last month and now I'm utterly obsessed with it, it is SOOOOO good! Better than Reign, in my opinion :P
    And another tv show I'm really into right now is Suits. Sooo good!

  2. I´m currently seeing Spy, I´m on episode 8 and really enjoyed it so far. And Into the darkest corner sounds really interesting, looking forward to your review of it.

  3. Into the Darkest Corner seems good! I love mystery thrillers so I'm going to add it to my list!
    I love Reign! I'm not watching many shows because of college and stuff but Reign is one of the few shows I follow weekly and I love every moment of it! Mary is one of my favorite characters ever! I'm glad you're enjoying it :D
    I've heard great things about Healer & Kill Me, Heal Me. I don't have time right now but I'll be checking them out soon. It's good that you're liking Healer. Hey, did you watch Valid Love?

  4. I love all of those shows that you do! The only one I haven't seen is The 100. I have heard good things about it though. And yes, I pretty much curse Grey's Anatomy every single week because I am a mess of tears. Haha

  5. Mysteries are the best books to read together with someone else.
    THE 100.

  6. Yay :D Gorgeous post Juhina. <3 Happy reading sweetie :) And yay for so many awesome things to watch :D I love love love The 100. <3 But aw. Reign. Sigh. I didn't watch the first.. 13? episodes or so, and after that I only watched a little bit, but have been peeking more at season 2. Have watched all the latest episodes for a few weeks, and the one a few days ago.. I'm SO DISAPPOINTED. Especially seeing the preview of next episode. SO DISAPPOINTED. And angry. And hurt. And I don't get it. Fuck love triangles :( Sigh. Heh, sorry :D I just have many feelings about it :p Anyway. Gorgeous post sweetie. <3

  7. I so need to catch up with The Mentalist Juhina, I think I'm like a season or two behind, other shows just seem to be taking over my life, and at the moment I only seem to be able to binge watch one show at a time. You are doing amazing by staying on top of all these shows, I certainly need to check out some of the ones you've suggested soon! :)

  8. I absolutely love A Great and Terrible Beauty. I read the first two books of the series in high school but just never finished it for some reason.

    I watched the first 8 episodes of Reign but haven't caught up. It was pretty good though...I'm not sure why I haven't made an effort to catch up.

    I LOVE Jane the Virgin -- it's such a great show that it's afraid to make fun of itself. Also, Jane is such an empowered and fantastic young woman. Haha, I totally agree that Rafael's handsome face is definitely a perk.

  9. I just started watching the 100 (almost done with season 1) and I'm surprised by how much I'm enjoying it.