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January 01, 2015

Rounding it up: Lobna's favourite books of 2014

It's the end of the year! This year has probably been the most productive year in terms of reading for me thanks to Juhina! The majority of the books I read (like 99.99%) are recommendations through her so this year has been nothing but great books! It was definitely a challenge picking my favourite but here they are!
Wow, it seems To All The Boys I've Loved Before and Since You've Been Gone has made both Juhina's, Farah's and my own list of contemporaries. This should be a good enough sign that if you haven't read them, RUN and go read! They are both so good in their own way and I just adore the writing of both Jenny Han and Morgan Matson!!! Panic is another mystery/contemporary that I absolutely loved and devoured immediately; getting to meet Lauren Oliver was also just as amazing! Anna. Anna, Anna, Anna!!! This book was all kinds of cutesy and adorable! I only wish there was more of it enjoy!!!

Finally the last two books on this list. Eleanor and Park was a definite favourite. Rainbow Rowell has such a way with words! This story is so incredible, I feel like everyone should read it. Now on to the last book: The Fault In Our Stars. I cannot begin to describe how much love I have for this book. For the most part, anyone who's read it, hasn't been totally in love with it. But to me, it was everything! If I seriously could keep only one book from all of my books it would be this one. I love it! I cried my eyes out and I love every single piece of it!!!
Vampire Academy was definitely a surprise read. I went in expecting some cliched vampire book and boy was I completely wrong! I've only read this and the second book and I absolutely love both! I sadly watched the movie after reading the second book and ugh the horror! It was definitely a flop but still I'm determined not to let it ruin the series for me. 2015 will be the year I finish this series!!!
Dystopians! One of my favourite genres to read yet so many were such a disappointment. But these two though! I read the Shatter Me Series (all three books and the two novellas) in a span of two weeks! It's rare for me to say that with each book of a series the story got better and better! There were no boring filler books, no disappointing ending, this series is utter perfection!! It will definitely remain one of my all time favourites. I also read all three of the Legend series this year and they were also amazing! I will say though that Legend is probably my favourite BUT I still did really enjoy the rest of the series. I seriously cannot wait for the comic book version of Legend to come out because I will be buying it immediately!!! Legend definitely makes it not only as a favourite dystopian but as an all time favorite. 

On another note. I thought I'd include my all time favourite book character of 2014: Warner from Shatter Me! Seriously, who wouldn't though. 


  1. I want to read All The Boys I Love Before, it seems like a really great read and can't wait to catch it in my hands. Vampire Academy is one of my favorite series ever. Well, the movie was... well, but I assure you that the following books are much better. The series is wonderful and you would like to grab the spin off Bloodlines as faster as you can.

    Giova @ Corazones Literarios

  2. Yay :D Awesome list Lobna. <3 I'm glad you loved so many books :) I adored Eleanor & Park. <3 Loved Legend too :) I hope you will read a lot of amazing books this year too. <3

  3. I definitely share all your love for Since You've Been Gone and To All The Boys I've Loved Before! I also felt the same way when I saw the VA series but it definitely surprised me. I ended up binge reading the whole series before moving onto the Bloodlines series. So good! I hope you'll love the rest of it :D

  4. I love Since You've Been Gone, Eleanor and Park, and the Vampire Academy series! There are a couple others on here that I would like to read as well :)