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October 05, 2014

Fall tv shows are back! What are you watching?

I'm a tv show addict. There I've said it. I love watching tv shows and I watch at least an episode of every show out there to see if I'll like it or not. I've compiled several shows that I've stuck through and I've been watching for at least a season or two.
Of course, it being Fall, so many new shows are premiering, which I'll also mention. Let's start off with the returning shows shall we?
One of my top three favorite shows, The Good Wife is everything I want in a show. It has an independent, kick butt female character, a wide array of memorable and interesting secondary characters, and law themed but with an actual continuing plot that carries on throughout the whole season. Alicia Florrik is a woman I personally look up to. Season 6 just started and that episode killed me. I have such high expectations for this show but I have never been disappointed. 
I initially started watching it for the law theme and Matt, since I loved him as Logan in Gilmore Girls. However right now those are carrying the show beautifully (no, there is no romance between them)

 Season 11 just premiered a couple of days ago and I teared up four different times watching the 40 minute episode. How the hell do the writers of Grey's Anatomy do that? I am always tearing up or full on crying while watching this show. I am happy to see all my favorite characters back: Derek, Meredith, April, and Jackson. This episode lays down the issues that most of the characters will face for the rest of the season. I'm somewhat afraid but I'm very excited!
Aren't they adorable? Derek and Meredith are one of my all time favorite screen couples

The Mentalist completes my current favorite three shows (with The Good Wife and Grey's Anatomy). Season seven unfortunately has gotten a mid season slot.. don't ask me why because I'm fuming over here. Why CBS would do this, I've no idea.. at least it's better than it getting cancelled, which is something my heart can't take. Patrick Jane has been a part of my tv life for the past six years and I am not ready to let go! especially after that last episode! 

 I love Modern Family, it never fails to crack me up. It is one of the few american comedy shows that I enjoy. The first episode of the new season, season 6, was hilarious and a ton of fun. I can always count on this show to put a smile on my face! 
I miss having my extended family live close by me

This show is totally random I know. I personally don't care much for country music so how did I stumble upon this? I was bored. However, I'm glad I was because this show is unbelievably addicting! I love all the drama and while I sometimes skip the performances (I always always watch Clare Bowen's performances), I still love the show. The first episode had my heart pumping like crazy and I'm excited for more!

The third season's finale was a long series of gasps. Also, turns out season 4 will now be narrated by Victoria.. and we'll be following her revenge… wait what? yes, yes that isn't a mistake. It will be very interesting to see how the writers will set this up because a) while I love Victoria, I love her as a villain and b) she did something unforgivable that makes me now hate her, and not love her. However, Revenge gets better by each new season so I'm excited to see how this goes. 

The Mindy Project is another comedy added to my to watch list. Mindy Kaling is an amazing writer, producer, and actor. I think her character is hilarious on the show and I find myself cracking up all the time. So far, based on the first two episodes of season 3, I'm quite happy with the new season!

Awkward is finally back on after taking the mid season break. It is currently on season 3 and I'm liking this whole season a lot more than last. It is probably due to the change in writers as well as some secondary characters (though I dearly miss Ming). The first episode (episode 12) was interesting but a bit rushed to resolve the problem that we've been facing for the past 11 episodes. I'm very excited to see what's coming up for this show

I've experienced a roller coaster ride with The Big Bang Theory. Initially I wasn't the biggest fan.. however over time I started to love it and the characters. I recently watched the season 6 premiere episode(s) and I was left slightly disappointed. I'm hoping the show picks up its hilarity and shows me why I've loved these characters for the past 5 seasons. 

I was told Madam Secretary is the sister to The Good Wife, and as you all know.. that is some serious labeling. I decided to give it a try though and I really enjoyed the first episode! Another very strong and independent female lead with a really good plot. I'm already itching to watch the next episode. 

I watched the series premiere of How To Get Away With Murder around six hours before creating this post. I only went into it knowing it revolves around law students who get implicated in a murder. I then found out it is one of Shonda Rhimes' creations.. you guys know how much I love Grey's Anatomy right? However, I also tried her other show Scandal but didn't like it so it was a 50/50 chance in terms of whether I'll like it or not. However Rhimes delivered! the episode kept me, literally, at the edge of my seat. I was so engrossed in the episode, i loved the pacing and the way the timeline was created. I'm seriously excited for the next episode of this! 
What shows are you guys excited about starting? Recommend me any new shows too! I've tried A to Z as well as The Mysteries of Laura and they weren't that great. I am going to check out the series premiers of Gotham and Scorpion. Also, any old shows recommendations? Not knowing and checking out Nashville until a couple of months ago indicates that I might be missing on some prime tv.


  1. Aw, I love this post. <3 Thank you for sharing about it Juhina :D Ack. I watch a bunch of shows too. Though there are many I haven't started yet. Like Supernatural. I used to watch some of it maaany years ago, but I am DYING to start watching everything from season 1. But that.. will take FOREVER o.O Still. ONE DAY :D Some of my favorite series are Sleepy Hollow. SO GOOD. The Blacklist. Also AWESOME. Though I do not think I saw the first episodes o.O I must re-watch. I also LOVE The Biggest Loser, hiih. <3 So much fun. Though I am not losing any weight because of it.. hmph. There are also so many other shows. Like The Walking Dead. <3 So good. And I loved True Blood too.. until that fucked up last episode. I will NEVER forgive it :( How mean. Sigh. Ohh, and of course, Game of Thrones. <3 Just dying for it to get back on :) Ack. This ended up being long, hih, sorry :D You are awesome. <3

  2. I love me some good TV shows, too! I was so not expecting to love Nashville! When I saw the ad I was like nope, not for me, but omg it's so good! The Mentalist is my all time fave show! <3 Really can't wait for season 7! I adore The Mindy Project, it always makes me laugh and it makes me happy to see a POC being cast as the lead in a TV show. :D The Big Bang Theory is a classic, just can't help but like it. Revenge is addictive! I recently caught a ep of Modern family on TV and I watch it every now and then. :) I'm still not sure whether or not to watch How to Get Away with Murder. Hmm..

  3. I'm so addicted to TV haha. I think we're a bit behind here. We're only halfway through season 6 of The Mentalist, and I've just looked it up and found out that season 7 is the last! NOOOOO. I'm debating whether or not to continue with Big Bang Theory when it comes back on here. I'm not finding it as funny as I once did. The new season of Arrow is about to start here and same with The Flash so I'll be watching those two as well as Gotham. I watched the new Revenge the other day and it's a bit weird to have it narrated by Victoria. I get that Emily is all done with her Revenge now, but Victorias not really a character I want to follow in depth. The new seasons of Vampire Diaries and The Originals are starting here too so I'm definitely watching those as well as season 2 of The 100. AAAAND I'm watching a new show called Red Band Society. It's not bad so far. Phew. TV is awesome. I hope you enjoy all your new seasons!

  4. Wow Juhina, you watch so many awesome shows! I wish that I had the time to arrange my life around reading and my tv shows as well as you do. I'm so behind on a lot of them, I still need to catch up with season 6 of The Mentalist, and you know how I'm a huge fan of this series, so I'm glad its back for another season. I loved Shonda's show Scandal, so I definitely can't wait to give How to Get Away with Murder a go! Great post Juhina! :)

  5. Yay Grey's Anatomy! I've been watching it off and on for years with my sister and love it! I watched the first episode of How to Get Away with Murder and it was awesome! I can't wait to watch the second one. Have you watched Stalker? The first episode aired last week and it was so good! Maggie Q is the lead and she's just fantastic. You should definitely check it out!

    -Jessica (Peace Love Books)

  6. How to Get Away with Murder is PERFECTION (at least so far).

    I never realized how many new shows were out until I scrolled down your post. So. Many. Shows. O.o I love the opening episodes to Modern Family, Joe has been missing though! D:

    Amber Elise @Du Livre

  7. Modern Family ALWAYS makes me laugh! One of my top shows on television.

  8. The only TV show I'm watching at the moment is Brooklyn Nine Nine. OMG I LOVE IT SO MUCH.
    And I really need to get into The Mindy Project! My friends are always telling me to watch it. How to Get Away with Murder sounds really good too :D

  9. I'm also a huge Good Wife fan. That show is so well-plotted; it almost never makes a false step.

    Confession: I'm a serial abandoner of shows. (I get bored easily and most shows get to soap-opera-y for me after a while.) I've watched and abandoned Grey's, Scandal, Nashville and Revenge. I'm not crazy about sit-coms but I will watch a Big Bang episode now and then. My family loves it.

    I tried How to Get Away With Murder, which I thought was interesting so far. We'll see...
    Fun topic :)

  10. I'm so glad The Big Bang Theory is back! <3 The Mindy Project is on my watch list too - fingers crossed it's good! I just finished binge-watching all two series of Orange is the New Black so I need a new one to watch :D

  11. ahh!!! I LOVE this post because I'm addicted to fall tv tooo!!! hehe I used to be addicted to Revenge but stopped watching in season 2 and just haven't gotten back into it. There are several new new series this fall that I am totally in love with! Cristela is hilarious!!! I like Jane the Virigin but it wasn't as incredible as the reviewers said, at least not to me. I was a few episodes late but Stalker is a spin off of Criminal Minds which I loved, and Stalker is AMAZING!!!! I also am loving Scorpion and Gotham. haha There's a few other series I've DVR'd but I haven't caught up on them yet. Too many shows, not enough time! hehe

  12. I am so glad you did this post because I ADORE fall tv shows too! I have so many I've been DVR'ing. I just wish I had more time to watch them all. So far though I'm REALLY loving Cristela, Stalker (Criminal Minds spinoff, YES!!!) Scorpion and Gotham are really great too! I have so many other's DVR'd but just haven't had the time to watch them yet. AHh!!!