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July 28, 2014

Mini Reviews: Exile by Kevin Emerson and The Heiresses by Sara Shepard

Exile (Exile, #1)Exile (Exile #1) by Kevin Emerson 
April 29, 2014
4/5 stars
Source: Edelweiss 
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Exile was definitely an interesting read. I went into it expecting a fluffy contemporary with a bit of music but it actually has a bit of mystery intertwined in all the music and contemporary. I liked the main protagonist, Summer, and how she didn't lose focus and basically logic because of it. She gave herself time to wallow but after that, she turned a new page and moved forward. I also loved how she's a music manager and how her school is music, and all types of art, oriented. The introduction of a new guy in her life, also a lead singer of a band (her ex-boyfriend is a lead singer too), had me a bit suspicious. I grew a bit protective of Summer but Caleb was such a great guy. Plus, the book isn't about the romance.. it is about a secret that Caleb reveals to her that takes them on a chase around their city. Exile was fun, cute, and a very fast read. Another thing that I think is pretty cool is that Kevin, the author, released the songs found in Exile.. ones he wrote and sang himself. So definitely check his playlist out because I was really curious about some of the songs in the book and I would have loved to have been able to listen to them while reading the book!

The Heiresses

The Heiresses (Heiresses #1) by Sara Shepard
May 20, 2014
2/5 stars
Source: Edelweiss 

Sara Shepard.. and her mysteries. Sigh.. I was excited to pick up a new series of hers and I love the cover of it. Unfortunately, this book was a miss for me.. there are so many things I disliked but the one thing I couldn't get past is the amount of cheating going on. Every character has or was cheating on their partners in the book.. it disgusted me and I just couldn't root for the characters anymore. The mystery was decent.. I thought it was a bit flat because there were so many POVs in the book.. and each character had their own leads on who the killer was.. which meant we only really got to spend a chapter or two with each theory.. something that isn't really sufficient for a fleshed out mystery to develop.  Also, there were too many characters to wrap my head around in the beginning and it was a bit confusing. Lastly.. this isn't a standalone.. something I've come to expect with Sara Shepard.. however I don't think I will be continuing on with this series because God knows how many books it'll be before this series is over and frankly.. i really am not invested in any of the characters to invest anymore of my time for them. 


  1. Exile sounds very interesting! I love a cute contemporary read so I'll definitely be check this one out! I don't like characters that cheat too so I guess The Heiresses isn't for me either. Thanks for the quick reviews!

    I just started my book blog ( and am excited to meet other bloggers! Please come visit me if you have some time. It would mean a lot to me :) Thanks!!

  2. awh I am bummed that The Heiresses didn't work for you. I was interested in it. It is a shame that there was so much cheating. Maybe I should give exile a try instead.

    Thanks for your honest thoughts.

    Michelle @ Book Briefs

  3. I hadn't realized Sara Shepard had started a new series! I read The Lying Game, but never got much into any of the tv shows. It sounds like the book is has some abrupt POV changes and that would be something I wouldn't enjoy- narration is one thing about a book that's really important to me. Great review though!
    I hadn't heard much about Exile but I'll look up the Goodreads page sometime and glad you enjoyed it!