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December 21, 2011

Waiting On Wednesday (5)

Glimmer by Phoebe Kitanidis
Publication Date: April 17, 2012
Publisher: Balzer + Bray
Find on: Goodreads, Amazon, Book Depository

What if you forgot your identity and had to rely on other people to tell you who you were?

And what if to discover your true self, you first had to unravel a mystery so big and terrifying you were not sure you’d survive solving it?

When Marshall and Elyse wake up in each other’s arms with zero memory of how they got there or who they are, it’s the start of a long journey through their separate pasts and shared future.

Terrified by their amnesia, the two make a pact to work together to find the answers that could jog their missing memories. As they piece together clues, they discover they’re in the idyllic mountain resort town of Summer Falls, where everyone seems mysteriously happy, but as Marshall and Elyse quickly learn, darkness lurks beneath the town’s perfect facade. Not only is the town haunted by sinister ghosts, but none of its living inhabitants retain bad memories of anything—not the death of Marshall’s mom, not the hidden shame in Elyse’s family, not even the day-to-day anguish of high school.

Lonely in this world of happy zombies, Marsh and Elyse fall into an intense relationship...but the secrets they uncover could be the death of this growing love—and the death of everyone, and everything, they love in Summer Falls.
This sounds like its going to be a very tense novel. A girl suddenly waking up and not knowing anything about who she was, what can be more interesting? The synopsis sounds great, so its definitely a book both of us want to get our hands on!

What are you waiting on this wednesday? 

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine, that showcases upcoming releases that we are excited about. 


  1. Thanks for stopping by! I am so excited for Glimmer, it sounds like it will be a good book. I have heard some good things about it as well. I really like the cover also.

  2. 0o0o0! Awesome pick!
    Can't wait to see what Glimmer brings! And the cover is gorgeous!
    My WOW:

    A Cupcake and a Latte: Young Adult Reviews!

  3. this one sounds totally awesome! I have it on my wishlist =)
    thanks for stopping by my dear! have a great night ^.^ lol

    Dazzling Reads

  4. Oooh another book to add on my wishlist. :)

  5. This book sounds very interesting! I just recently got a copy and I'm trying to save it for January, but it's hard. I want to read it so much. Awesome choice, and thank you for stopping by!

  6. Love the cover!!! I like the sounds of it! Great choice! Thank you for sharing it!!

    Books For All Seasons

  7. I agree, I have a feeling it might be a pretty tense novel - AND it has a gorgeous cover - I'm sure it's going to be great! Fab pick guys :)

    Here's my WoW post for this week. :)

    Books, Biscuits & Tea

  8. It kind of reminds me of Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac. The story is completely different, but both of the main characters have memory loss.

    My WOW

  9. I was lucky enough to read this. Great choice! This is a really good book that I'm sure you will enjoy! :) Thanks for sharing. :)

    My WOW

  10. Looks interesting. I think waking up and not knowing who you are would be horrible! Make me really feel sorry for those that actually do.

    My WoW

  11. I've seen this one pop up in a few blogs and it has definitely sparked my interest. Great pick.

    Thanks for stopping by my WOW earlier.

    JJ iReads
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  12. That sounds a lot like the Stepford Wives or Stepford Place. I've seen this one, the makeup job on those eyes sticks out. I can't wait to read your review!!


  13. This book sounds good but how creepy to wake up and don't remember yourself! Anyway, the cover is beautiful and the story will probably be awesome!

    Here's mine!


  14. Yea, that does sound sinister, alright. The picture has that eerie reflection that seems appropriate after reading the premise! Great pick.

  15. This one looks soooooo awesome! I added it to my TBR list :) Great pick and happy holidays!

    Here's my WoW!

  16. Well this one sounds cool!
    My "WOW"

  17. Great pick this week. This book just looks so good, and rather mysterious. :)

  18. Awesome pick!

    Thanks for stopping by Word Spelunking :)

    I'm a new follower!

  19. This sounds really good. I'll definitely have to check it out. Sounds kind of like a cross between Forgotten by Cat Patrick and Candor by Pam Bachorz

  20. Ohh this is definitely new to me! Awesome pick!

    My WoW picks here

    Jay @ We Fancy Books