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November 16, 2015

Juhina's most anticipated realases in 2016

I have finally had the time to sit down and look through some of the upcoming releases of mostly 2016. There are so many great titles but recently I have become even more picky, if that was possible. You'll notice here there are barely any contemporaries because surprisingly, I have somewhat moved away from that genre (not completely!) and became more interested in fantasy and also adult fantasy. However, this post is mostly YA books. Also, only books that actually have covers are on here. Because books such as Leigh Bardugo's sequel as well as any Marissa Meyer upcoming release would have been on here.  Let me know which books from this list are you excited about, as well as the most anticipated release for you that isn't on this list! 

There are two series finales here (The Raven King and Morning Star) and holy crap am I dying to get my hands on both. Both these series are currently 5 star reads so I am expecting a huge showdown for both! Shimmer and Marked in Flesh are the books before the last in the series (Shimmer being #3 and Marked in Flesh being #4) and man the paranormal and adult urban fantasy series, respectively, are both blowing my mind. Lastly is The Rose & The Dagger which is an anticipated sequel to The Wrath and the Dawn, a book I LOVED because of how well the author handled this retelling. 

High fantasy galore guys. So many kingdoms and chosen ones and assassinations, i'm living in heaven. I don't know too much about each one but after reading the synopsis of each, man am I excited to hopefully get sucked into gear fantasy reads and worlds. 

This batch is a little bit all over the place. The first book, A Study in Charlotte is a contemporary mystery thriller set in a boarding school. What MORE do I want? Riders is Veronica Rossi's sophomore YA series and man did I love Under the Never Sky! Truth witch I already own and I love anything witch related that is written well. Heir to the Sky? another unique fantasy plot that I'm hoping won't be riddled with cliches. Passenger I'm excited for because Alexandra Bracken wrote The Darkest Minds trilogy which I only read the first book of but I think was very well done and unique. I can't wait to see how good this one is. 

Three contemporary authors I read anything they write: Morgan Matson, Kasie West, and Jenny Han. However only the former two currently have coming soon releases. I can't wait for both The Unexpected Everything and P.S. I Like You! Summer Sloane is set in Hawaii and sounds like a fantastic contemporary. Summer in the Invisible City does sound like a typical contemporary but something about the synopsis had me interested. Lastly, Love & Gelato! Like, Gelato? I'm in. The synopsis sounds super cute so I'm in. 


  1. There's so many amazing books coming out next year! I can't wait for Into the Dim either. It sounds amazing. :) Great list!
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

  2. Yes, yes, YES to Raven King! That book will be the death of us but we NEED it all the same ♥ Truthwitch and Passenger are top picks for me as well, I'm dying to get into both :D Riders and Reign of Shadows both sound awesome too. Oh and I need to get started on Pierce Brown and Anne Bishop's series! Awesome list^^

  3. I CANNOT WAIT for Raven King, Morning Star, Marked in Flesh, or The Rose and the Dagger. I'm also really looking forward to Riders and Truthwitch. Ugh, 2016, come sooner! I will have you know, though, that Shimmer is fantastic and it's totally worth the wait. ;)

  4. I sooo need to start reading the Anne Bishop series, it's been on my wishlist for ever!

  5. Yay :D Stunning post Juhina. <3 I hope you will love all of these books when you get to read them :) Hugs. <3 I loved The Shadow Queen. So much. And dyyyying for The Raven King too :D I neeed it. <3 So badly. But, sadly, I did not love Riders :( Sobs. So sad about that. Anyway. Gorgeous post sweet girl. Thank you for sharing :)

  6. Can I just say that all your anticipated releases have SUCH GORGEOUS COVERS ASDFGHJKL. alright, now that I'm done gushing, I'm with you on the High fantasy parade and I never want to come down! The Shadow Queen and The Rose and the Dagger are two releases that I am JUSSST WAAIIITING for with BAITED breath, and hopefully you get to bing read the Raven Cycle and The Red Rising series after their finales come out :)

    Stellar list, Jules - I just might read every one of them, if not for the story, then simply for the sake of those beautiful covers, lol.