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June 10, 2015

Review: Nearly Found by Elle Cosimano - Fantastic thriller

Nearly Found (Nearly Gone, #2)
Title: Nearly Found (Nearly Gone, #2)
Author: Elle Cosimano 
Publisher: Penguin Canada
Publication date: June 2, 2015 
Genre(s): Young Adult (Mystery/thriller)
Source: Author
Format: ARC
Pages: 384
The sequel to the highly praised and intricately plotted Nearly Gone--a YA urban mystery that's perfect for fans of Bones, Numbers, and The Body Finder

When Nearly Boswell starts working as an intern at a crime lab, she's hoping it will give her an advantage when it comes to college applications. But on her first day, a girl from her trailer park turns up dead. Then the corpse of a missing person is discovered, buried on a golf course, with a message for Nearly etched into the bones. When Nearly finds out the corpse is the father of Eric, a classmate of hers, she starts to worry that the body is connected to her father's disappearance five years ago. Nearly, Reece, and Nearly's classmates--Vince, Jeremy, and Eric--start a dangerous investigation into their fathers' pasts that threatens Nearly's fragile romance with Reece, and puts all them in the killer's path.
This was the sequel to Nearly Gone, my favorite young adult mystery thriller that I read in 2014. Nearly Found picks up right where Nearly Gone ends, with more trouble following Nearly Boswell. You would think after what she was put through, from people she knew being murdered as a revenge plot for her to almost getting killed herself that she would finally be able to catch her breath and get a break? no. Boswell gets thrown deep into another mystery that seems to be connected with what happened to her before. This mystery also found a way to hit home for Nearly, and I just felt so bad for the girl. All she wanted was to finally be able to spend the rest of her school year under the radar without any more mishaps but her father's past is catching up to her. 
Nearly Found isn't only about the mystery but also the struggle of Nearly with being in a relationship. Her and Reece seem to be keeping so much from each other just in order to protect their feelings when all I wanted to do is force them to sit down and just talk. Talk about their insecurities, about what is bothering them, and to also tell the truth about what is going in each of their own lives. I liked that they didn't have the happily ever after once they got together. They sometimes remind me of Veronica and Logan from VM and I just ship those two so hard. Their relationship and romance was so realistic and had its ups and downs, something I appreciated from Cosimano yet again; her portrayal of a realistic relationship.   
As for the mystery, it was as exciting and creepy and mysterious as the first one. Elle Cosimano sure knows how to write them and I honestly hope she continues writing more YA mysteries because her realistic way of writing and brutal honesty of her description of some scenes are what really eleviate the quality of the mystery as a whole. Having a level headed protagonist who makes logical and sane decisions and choices also never hurts. I had a theory about who the killer is but the actual revelation was much bigger than what I had in mind. I definitely recommend this book to all mystery/thriller fans, whether adult or YA because this will not disappoint in the least bit. I can't wait to find out what is more to come from Elle Cosimano. Here's hoping it is another thriller! 


  1. I haven't started this series yet, but it looks like one that I would really enjoy. On to my TBR it goes. I'm glad you liked it so much!

    Great Review!

    Michelle @ Book Briefs

  2. I haven't heard of this yet! Off to check it out.

  3. Sounds like a great thriller! I definitely will add this to my goodreads.

    Blue Books and Butterflies