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April 06, 2015

The books on my ASAP TBR

This is for the books that I've been neglecting for ages. Ones I was SUPER excited to read when I bought but never had the chance to pick up. This is my shout out post for these neglected books. 

Because I've toned down my review book requesting by a lot as well as putting myself on a book buying ban, I've had more time to read my own books. Here are some of the books I'm reading (see? not hoping to read, or wishing to read, but straight up reading) this year:

All of these are sequels to series that I've already started. I really want to 
finish The Vampire Academy series. I read the third book, Shadow Kiss, in 
March and want to continue and finish it this year so I can start the Bloodlines 
series. I love Katie McGarry and recently read Breaking the Rules (Pushing the 
Limits #1.5) and now want to continue and read about Isiah's story in 
Crash Into You
Since The Lux series is over, I really want to finish it. I only own Origin but 
once I read it, I'll buy Opposition and read that. I read The Girl of Fire 
and Thorns back in 2012 and I loved it.. but embarrassingly enough I still 
haven't picked up the sequel The Crown of Embers yet. I wanted to wait 
and read Cress closer to Winter's release date which is this year, so that's 
what I'll be doing. I read Archetype last year and thought it was a fantastic 
futuristic NA novel. It is a duology and I want to finish it with Prototype
I love any book written by Jenny Han. I didn't want to start the Burn for Burn 
series until all the books are out… and they're all out so I now am free to marathon 
it all. Dangerous Girls has been on my list for years because I love 
mystery/thrillers. I finally bought it but seem to always forget that I actually 
own it. 
Ten things we did (and probably shouldn't have) was one of the 
first ever contemporaries I had my eyes on.. but for some reason I never 
actually read it. I read an excerpt of Live Through This before it came out 
and I was hooked.. it is actually a very short book. I need to read it
Seconds will be my first attempt at reading a graphic novel. 
Angelfall and World After: I own the first two and now knowing the 
series has been demoted to a trilogy, where the last book will come out 
this year, I can go ahead and read those two!

I love Maggie Stiefvater, and The Scorpio Races is the only book I haven't read by her (I don't count the fae series she wrote)Uninvited was on my wish list as soon as I read it is about genetics and now that the sequel (it's only a duology) is coming out soon, I want to read it then if I loved it, I'll buy and read the sequel 

In my attempt to read more adult books, I'll be picking up Written in Red. I know the third book is coming out (already came out?) this year which means I can pick this one up. I am obsessed with mystery/thrillers and The Cuckoo's Calling is exactly that. It doesn't hurt that JK Rowling wrote it. She's only just my queen.


  1. I read Vampire Academy (book 1) years ago and really liked it but until now I still haven't read the rest of it. I love Maggie Stiefvater, too! And The Scorpio Races is my most recent read that's written by her. It took me a while to finish but I really loved it. Even more so when I read her Michael L. Printz Honor acceptance speech for The Scorpio Races. Eeeep! I hope you end up loving Written in Red! Love the characters of that series so much :)

  2. The 3rd book in the Others series came out on March 3rd, so you absolutely have to pick up Written in red. It's awesome and I can already tell you're gonna love it! ;)

  3. I read the burn for burn trilogy and it was amazing, until the 3rd book. It was complete under my expectations and I wish it ended better but overall it was a good trilogy.

  4. Vampire Academy is sooo good so I hope you enjoy the rest of the series. I also adored Origin and Opposition! Those are my favorites of the series. You have a lot of great reads coming up!

  5. Hope you will love all of these books Juhina :D Cress is AMAZING. <3 Also really loved The Crown of Embers :) The Scorpio Races is THE VERY BEST. You shall love it. You must. READ IT NOW :D Have fun with all these books sweetie. <3 Happy reading :)

  6. I've also only read the first three books of VA - I need to finish that series! I still need to read The Girl of Fire and Thorns - I've been wanting to read it for so, so, so long!

  7. In The crown of Embers you get to meet Hectorrrr :D Cress is also fantastic, lots of Thorne moments! I LOVE LOVE Angelfall & World after. They are very dark and bloody at times. I can't wait to read The scorpio races :)

  8. You have so many fantastic books to look forward to Juhina! I loved Jenny Han's Burn for Burn series, it definitely plays with your feelings, so be prepared for it. I've also had Dangerous Girls for the longest time now, I hope we both end up enjoying it :)

  9. I haven't fully gotten through a lot of these series, but I am going to re-read Cress soon so that I will at least get a little more Cress and Thorne time!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  10. These are all great ones and some of these are in my TBR pile as well, just waiting for me to read them (finally!). I hope you can get to them soon and that you love them all!

  11. Oh, you definitely have to finish Vampire Academy! It's one of my favorite series of all time. <3 I've finished Cress (LOVED IT) but I still have to read Fairest. I'll probably wait til Winter comes out. :) Dangerous Girls was also freaking amazing, so read that one ASAP. I didn't love Angelfall, though.

    Good luck with these, Juhina! <3

    Aimee @ Deadly Darlings

  12. The only one I've read is VA, but you should definitely finish those! AMAZING.

    1. I lied. I've also read Dangerous Girls which is really, really good. I definitely recommend jumping on that one soon!

  13. Ahhhh!!! You've got some AMAZING books on that list Juhina!!! Crash Into You, Angelfall and The Scorpio Races are all favorites so I can't wait to see what you think of those. I still need to read Written in Red, I've read nothing but positive things about that one and I'm ready to meet all these characters I've been hearing so much about:)

  14. Wow, I have read quite a few on your list - I hope you really like them all because they're amazing<3 Vampire Aacdemy is my most favorite vampire series, the author's spin off series Bloodlines is quite good as well. Crash Into You is one of the cutest books ever xD The ending sort of annoyed me.. Angelfall is fantastic as well, You have to meet Raffe! Univited was a good book as well, but the sequel goes downhill for me.. Happy reading x <3 Benish | Feminist Reflections

  15. So many great books on this list! I've been meaning to read the Burn for Burn series too- Jenny Han writes such fabulous books. And Written in Red! I need to get onto that series soon. SO many people love it.

  16. Aghh I love the books on your list!!
    Angelfall and Burn for Burn are definitely up there on my TBR, well, Angelfall more definitely, solely because I'll pick it up in May :)♥

    I hope you enjoy all of the other books and have a blast reading them! :)

    - Jumana @

  17. Let's see... I love the VA series, the Girl of Fire and Thorns series, and the Angelfall series! I adored The Scorpio Races, it's my favorite of her books and a favorite book overall. Good luck and happy reading!