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March 23, 2015

Review: Better than Perfect by Melissa Kantor - pet peeve galore

Better Than Perfect

Title: Better than perfect 
Author: Melissa Kantor 
Publisher: Harper Collins Canada
Publication date: February 17, 2014
Genre(s): Young Adult (Contemporary)
Source: Publisher
Format: ARC
Pages: 336
Juliet Newman has it all. A picture-perfect family; a handsome, loving boyfriend; and a foolproof life plan: ace her SATs, get accepted into Harvard early decision, and live happily ever after.

But when her dad moves out and her mom loses it, Juliet begins questioning the rules she’s always lived by. And to make everything even more complicated there’s Declan, the gorgeous boy who makes her feel alive and spontaneous—and who’s totally off-limits. Torn between the life she always thought she wanted and one she never knew was possible, Juliet begins to wonder: What if perfect isn't all it’s cracked up to be?
Better than Perfect was an interesting book. I liked how the whole book centered around a normal girl's problems.. problems that we have all at least faced at one point in our lives. What I failed to really notice is the emergence of a boy, when she already has a boyfriend, and the overstepping of that line into something that I will never condone or even want to understand.. and that is cheating. 
Juliet comes from a rich family but her life is far from perfect. Her dad left her mom (and herself) and now her mom is drowning her sorrows with alcohol and pills. Juliet's life is falling apart in front of her eyes and now she doesn't know if it was ever what she wanted. She is on the harvard track with her amazing boyfriend (guys, i really really love him), and she's a straight A, extra circular load up kind of student. She doesn't know if this is what she wants anymore.. enter this boy, Declan.. I did not understand how this random boy's introduction made her question everything.. or why he was even a main part of the book. He barely shows up and when he does, it's like Juliet loses all logic. I didn't think it was fair the way she was pushing away her boyfriend or the way she was handling her situation. Half the time I was frustrated with her keeping everything to herself and wanting her life to stay the same but at the same time wanting it to change. I was all right with that.. people at this age question everything in life.. but I hated how she concisely knew she was hurting her boyfriend but went ahead with it and didn't give a crap because she was also hurt. That logic is really unlikable. 
I like books where teenagers act like teenagers… but at the same time, I like books were there is growth.. because if there isn't, is there even a story to tell? people might tell me "but you just said you like books where teenagers act like teenagers".. but here's the thing.. there are some actions that are unforgivable to me, one of them is cheating. I can't support, or even care anymore about a person who does such a thing. I am all for reading about dislikable characters.. but when their initial motive and the reason they persist to act in such a way is confusing and unanswered.. i question my desire to even continue reading the book. However all in all, even though I really hated that part of the book, I do like Melissa Kantor's writing. My finishing the book and giving it 3 stars is evident enough how I appreciate her writing style. I personally won't recommend this book to anyone because I don't support cheating, but if people don't care about that aspect of the book, then I say go for it. 


  1. I absolutely hate cheating in books too, it completely infuriates me! I think I'll give this one a miss. Great review! x

  2. Great review Juhina :) I'm glad you liked some parts of this book. The cover is so pretty. <3 But omg. Cheating? Ugh. So love triangle for me then, sigh. Yeah, not my kind of book either :( I hadn't been planning on reading this book, but now I know to stay far away from it; so thank you :D But aw, I'm sorry it had to be kind of crappy :\ How mean. Anyway. Gorgeous review sweetie. <3

  3. I had similar sort of issues to you Juhina, Juliet completely changed when Declan made an appearance, I get that he made her want to try different things, but I didn't like the way they completely changed Jason's character. And I too only read until the very last page because of Kantor's beautiful writing!

  4. Well. I wasn't planning on reading this one anyway, but I don't think it's a book that I would enjoy at all, given the relationships alone O_O I'm sorry you didn't like it more!

    Excellent review, Juhina :)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!