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October 21, 2013

Double Review: Paradox by A.J. Paquette & Only Ever Always by Penni Russon

Paradox by A.J Paquette
Publisher & DOP: Random House Canada, June 25, 2013
Genre(s): Young Adult (Dystopian/Post-Apocalystic)
Source: Publisher (ARC)
Pages: 240
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Ana has awoken in a strange place. The only thing she knows is her name, which she discovered was pinned to her jumpsuit when she woke up, and directions. Experience. Discover. Survive. With those directions, she realizes that she has no memories, and has no idea why her jumpsuit contains knives and a pistol. With the touch of a button, a hatch opens up from the rocket she has been in and steps into a hostile planet. But she isn't the only living thing there. A mysterious creature that looks like a giant worm with a gaping mouth full of teeth is hunting something down, and by the looks of it, it seems to be hunting Ana and her newly discovered traveling companion, Todd. With a ticking clock, a crisis on Earth, and lives on the line, how is Ana supposed to save the world, and everybody she has come to love?

This book is amazing! I couldn't relate to anyone in this book, which is a bit sad, but it didn't bother me too much. I think my favorite character is Ana, only because none of the other characters were described as good as her, which isn't a shock, considering the fact that the book is based on her. She just has this kinda air to her, you know, the whole, "I think rationally in extreme situations and I pull through pain." kinda attitude that I wish I had. The way that the conflict was built and how the trip was described was written nicely, and nothing felt out of place in the story.

Paradox was written in third person, focusing entirely on Ana, which is ok, because her role in the story was the most interesting (insert a big fat "DUH!!" right here). The flow was ok, but it wasn't the best. It seemed a bit fast pace, but it was ok. I didn't mind too much. The writing style was very serious, as Ana is a very cut-and-dry person, but there were some nicer parts to the story. I recommend Paradox to teens ages 13-16. 

Only Ever AlwaysOnly Ever Always by Penni Russon
Publisher & DOP: Random House Canada, August 11, 2013
Genre(s): Middle Grade (fantasy)
Source: Publisher (ARC)
Pages: 180

There are two switching POVs in this book, Claire and Clara. Claire is a kinda boring character, but Clara is so much more interesting! Her storyline is great, while Claire's I can't relate to either of the characters. I gave this book 2 stars, because a lot of things bothered me. I actually thought of dropping it, but decided not to because I hadn't read that much. I wasn't TOO disappointed. The writing style bothered me a lot. Claire's part was written in a mix of second and third person narration. Which is as confusing as it sounds. I have decided I hate second person narration. Its like, "You got off the bed." and I'm like, "No I didn't!". Its all very confusing. 

Also, Claire has to deal with her uncle dying. Yes, it is bad, and I feel awful that her uncle passed away. But Clara has to deal with her ONLY family, Andrew, dying, has to live on the streets until captured by Lady, a sinister baroness who only wants to be feared, but loved at the same time, and has a boy named Grey who wants her to run off with him. All the stress of everything Clara had to deal with was way too much! I wish the whole book was based only on Clara, as it was much more interesting. 

Overall, Only Ever was not that good. I don't think I'll be reading it again, but if there is a sequel, I might pick it up. I expected quite a lot from this book, what with the lovely cover (Don't judge a book by its cover, I KNOW!) and all of the good ratings on Goodreads, but I was let down. If you still think if the synopsis is interesting, you should pick it up, and at least check it out.


  1. Great review for Paradox. I have been curious about it, and I do think I would enjoy it. I haven't seen Only Ever Always, it sounds pretty good too.

  2. Paradox sounds so weird I got it randomly from the pub and I hadn't ever heard of it before. It sounds like the 3rd person narration made it hard to relate to the characters but that overall it was a pretty good read. Only Ever After is new to me, but mixing the persons in a narration is actually a pet peeve of mine - luckily its pretty uncommon but I doubt I would like this one more than you did. Great reviews!