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April 28, 2013

Review: Mira's Diary: Lost in Paris by Marissa Moss

Title: Mira's Diary: Lost in Paris
Author: Marissa Moss
Publisher: Sourcebooks Jaberwocky
Publication date: September 4th, 2012
Genre(s): Middle Grade (Time Travel)
Source: Publisher
Format: Hardback
Pages: 205
Mira is shocked when she receives a postcard from her missing mother from Paris. Her father decides it's time for a trip to France to search for her. While visiting Notre Dame, Mira touches a gargoyle and is whirled into the past. There she meets the famous painter Degas and catches a brief, shocking glimpse of her mother. Mira begins to suspect that her mom didn't run out on them but is a prisoner of the past. Can one family on an incredible worldwide adventure stop a plot in time?
When Mira's mother disappears unexpectedly, her whole family was shocked. No one knows where she went, and no one knows whether she's been kidnapped or killed or just ran away with another man. Now Mira, her dorky brother Malcolm, and her dad (who gets to travel around the world for a year as a photographer to take pictures of the Wonders of the World) get a mysterious postcard, and it's from Mira's mother!! Mira and her family travel to Paris and Mira starts to search for her mother. Only to find out later that she has been searching in the wrong century. Mira is a time traveler, and with one accidental touch to a stone gargoyle, she is whisked away into the past to follow her mothers clues and find out what really happened to her mother.
Mira is an awkward girl who is thrown into a unknown experience. Any girl who has experienced moving, going to a new school, or just even going to middle school will probably be able to relate to her. That was why I was also able to relate to  her. Lost in Paris is a historical fiction/fantasy book that was more interesting to me than most historical fiction books that I have read before.
This book was completely enjoyable and I honestly couldn't find anything in Lost in Paris that might have bothered me, even the slightest bit. It was great through and through so I didn't find any part of it boring.The flow was clear and easy to understand and read. The writing was in first person, and that was able to show Mira's dorky side. I definitely loved this, so I can't wait to read more books by Marissa Moss, especially the sequel to this, Mira's Diary: Home Sweet Rome.


  1. I haven't heard of this one before, but it seems adorable and like the perfect leisure read. Thanks for putting it on my radar, Danna! :)

  2. This is new to me and it sounds so good. Mira sounds like a great character. Wonderful review.

    Jenea @ Books Live Forever

  3. I've never heard of this one but your review just made me add it to my TBR! The cover is so cute and adorable as well :)

    -Ariella @ Secrets of Lost Words

  4. Mira sounds like a pretty good character :) I don't read many hystoricals, but I really like the time travel aspect! Great review :)

    Janina @ Synchonized Reading

  5. This sounds really cute! Mira sounds awesome, and I love the premise. Amazing review :)

  6. I have found myself getting into historical fiction and fantasy books a lot more lately and Mira's Diary does sound like a lot of fun, I think I will definitely recommend this to my sister too. Great review Danna! :)

  7. I haven't read the book but after reading your review, I think I'd love to meet dorky Mira some day. Thanks for sharing :)

  8. Wow!! 5 stars!! This book sounds really fun! I don't really read a lot of books like this, but I think this is one I would enjoy.

  9. Oh I'd love to read a story set in Paris. I recently visited and I'd love to bring back all the memories. Glad to see you enjoyed this, Danna. Great review. :)

  10. Thank you for the wonderful review! Every writer's dream!

  11. Great review. I don't think i've heard of this book but glad you enjoyed it.

  12. This one is a new one for me! It sounds like such a good read and I'm not a middle grade fan at all. Great review :)
    - Kimberly @ Turning the Pages

  13. I love such book where you've to find something you never even knew you had. This sounds super interesting. Lovely review, Danna! :)

    Sarika @ The Readdicts