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April 05, 2013

Review: Furious by Jill Wolfson


Title: Furious
Author: Jill Wolfson
Publisher: Henry Holt & Co. (Raincoast)
Publication date: April 16, 2013
Genre(s): Young Adult (Greek Mythology)
Source: Publisher
Format: eARC
Pages: 336
Three high school girls become the avenging Furies of Greek legend.

We were only three angry girls, to begin with. Alix, the hot-tempered surfer chick; Stephanie, the tree-hugging activist; and me, Meg, the quiet foster kid, the one who never quite fit in. We hardly knew each other, but each of us nurtured a burning anger: at the jerks in our class, at our disappointing parents, at the whole flawed, unjust world.

We were only three angry girls, simmering uselessly in our ocean-side California town, until one day a mysterious, beautiful classmate named Ambrosia taught us what else we could be: Powerful. Deadly. Furious.
I have read my fair share of greek mythology centered around The Furies. I love Elizabeth Mile's The Fury trilogy but what is different about Furious is that it is told from the POV of one of the Furious, not the victims. That alone had me really curious to read it. For the most part Furious was a very entertaining and interesting read, the only downside is that the main character had a ton of flaws and the lack of a revenge plot. 
As with most of the greek mythologies I read, the protagonist doesn't initially know that her world is a greek mythology retelling, and this book is no exception. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with that. However my main problem was with the main protagonist's logic and actions as well as how the whole revenge plot was handled. Meg is a foster kid, her foster mom is the reason GIFs like this are made: 


Her foster mother treated Meg like a slave, she treated her cat 100x better. I could totally understand Meg's anger towards her as well as all the previous pent up anger and hatred for life in general because of what she went through in the foster care system. However, I just wished we delved a bit more in her past, I did get the overall picture, but I just wanted to know more, to really sympathize and invest in Meg's wellbeing. Since this is based on The Furies, another two girls were introduced to complete the trio. The other two, Alix and Stephanie, we know very little about and also find out very little about in the end. There is also an additional character in this novel and it is Ambrosia. Ambrosia is like the manager of a sports team. She was actually the one that brought the three girls together and introduced them to each other. I was able to forget about the lack of character depth because I believed that was when things get good, which is through their revenge. 
Unfortunately, I have to say that their revenge was very bland and the same type of revenge was used for every single person they chose as their victim. This revenge scheme consisted of chanting a few songs while holding hands and making the target, i.e.: victim, start repenting and begging for forgiveness from the person/people he/she tormented/bullied/pried on. This happened every single time. The best part in the retelling of The Furies is the revenge. I was so disappointed.. I still expected something different every time they targeted someone else.. but that didn't happen. 
I have to point out that even with all these weaknesses I still enjoyed the novel. It was a very fun and fast read. I quite enjoyed how the trio's power and need for revenge turned them into such ugly souls, worse than the people they initially wanted to take revenge on. This book isn't perfect at all but it is a decent greek mythology, especially since a ton of research done by the girls is actually mentioned so you do learn a ton. The ending had a big showdown and while I don't believe everyone who deserved punishment got what they deserved, it was a fairly good ending. I would definitely recommend it to greek mythology fans who want a quick read and the retelling told from The Furies POV. 


  1. Thanks for the great review! I am glad you enjoyed it overall.

  2. I think the Furies are fascinating, but I was hoping that this would be filled with awesome revenge. Did I just say that, jeez that sounds kinds bad. O'well. lol Sorry it didn't live up, great review. I might have to hold some hope for it.

    Jenea @ Books Live Forever

  3. Bummer about the boring revenge. :( That's supposed to be the best part! I'm a bit iffy about this book now but I suppose I'll still read it at some point.

    Thanks for the review!

  4. I haven't read anything about the Furies yet, but I do love Greek mythology. This book sounds like fun when I'm in the mood for something easy. It's a shame that the revenge was bland, because that's what this is all about.

    Great review :)

  5. I haven't read any book based on furies but I read about them in the covenant series as a side characters, they are quite intrigued, but I hate the revenge part of the story was a letdown. isn't that what they are good for? Anyway, I hope you like your next read :)

  6. I've been so curious about this book! I'm a fan of greek mythology, and the Furies are an interesting story for sure. But I have to say that I'm a bit disappointed to hear that the revenge part of this story is weak. And the character development doesn't sound so great. I don't think I'll be picking this book up after all, but thanks for the honest review, Juhina! :)

  7. This sounded really. It's too bad that their revenge wasn't as good as it should have been. I might still give this a try. Great review!

  8. I've been trying to decide whether I can make time for this one. Thanks for helping me decide. Great review :)

    You can find me here: Jen @ YA Romantics

  9. I'm really curious and excited to check out this book. :) I love Greek Mythology! But the revenge seems like it could have been better. More to it and all. Awesome review Juhina!

    Janina @ Synchronized Reading

  10. Oh I'm sad it wasn't better. I looks so awesome.

    LisaILJ @ I’ll Tumble for YA

  11. Loads of mixed reviews on this. I love the cover and plot. I will give this book a shot. Thanks for the review :D


  12. While the idea of The Furies intrigues me, this book kind of turned me away. As much as I love revenge and coming up with twisted ways to make people pay, I'm just not sure I can handle getting my head stuck in a book like that. It'd have to be super good...

  13. Furies books have been unfortunate so far. I'm a bit tired of the terrible parents trend. Also, seriously disappointing that the vengeance isn't epic. That's kind of the point of the Furies, right?

  14. Great review :) Thank you for being honest about your feeling. <3 I own an ARC of this book. Unsure when I will read it.. I hope I will like it, though. But oh. I'm sorry their revenge was so crappy :\ lol. Still. Thank you for sharing :)

  15. guys are doing GIFS!

  16. I'm a greek myth fan and would love to read this. Great review. Thanks for sharing! :)

    Jennifer @ Dream Reads