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March 14, 2013

Review: Princesses Don't Get Fat by Aya Ling

Title: Princesses Don't Get Fat
Author: Aya Ling
Publication date: January, 2013
Genre(s): Young Adult (Contemporary)
Source: Author
Format: Digital ARC
Pages: 130
A fairy tale romance with a plus sized heroine and plenty of dessert.

Princess Valeria of Amaranta is fat, but she doesn’t care. All she wants is to eat a lot and lead an idle life. When it is apparent that she cannot get a husband, her mother decides to send her to the Royal Riviera Academy of Fighting Arts. For a chubby princess who has never picked up a sword, life at the Academy is akin to torture. Worst of all, the food is terrible.

When Valeria decides to improve Riviera cuisine by sneaking into the palace kitchens and giving orders, little does she know that the crown prince would take interest in her kitchen excursions. As they spend more time together, Valeria must decide whether she should become thin and attractive, or stay in the kitchens and remain fat.
You know when sometimes, you just want to read a fun, short story? Well, if you are, then Princesses Don't Get Fat might be just what you're looking for. When I first started reading this book, I was SO happy that it talked SO much about food! I'm a person who really loves food, and the detailed descriptions of the taste and smell just made me hungry most of the time. The main protagonist, Princess Valeria, loves to eat. She's constantly ordering her maids to get her that plate of cake, or that piece of cookie. When Princess Valeria can't find herself a prince to get married to, due to her being overweight, her mother is fed up, and sends her to the Royal Riviera Academy of Fighting Arts. Princess Valeria travels to Riviera with her two housemaids, and when they get there, Princess Valeria is shocked to know that her two housemaids cannot accompany her and will be working at another place for the time being.
It was fun reading how Valeria had to get accustomed to doing things by herself, like zipping her own dress (ooooh!). Though when the class started, I got annoyed at how unwilling she was at even trying to lose weight. I mean people should never try to lose weight to appease those around them, but I think it's important just for the reason of health. Anyhow, the funny thing is that after classes, Valeria would sneak into the Riviera cuisine, and just randomly start giving orders, and that's when her talent of smell and taste unfolds. Then, there is the crown prince. I really adored their relationship. It was so cute, and down to earth. 
Overall, I think this was quite a cute, fun book despite it being remotely short. Aya Ling's writing is great. The flow of the book was good, and I liked how it always made you laugh or even crack a smile. The characters were really fun, and great to read about. I personally liked the message it delivered to girls, because you don't have to be skinny just to get a "man". That "man" should like you for who you are. As long as you do what you love, then that's what you should be doing. I might recommend this to younger teens, but even though I'm seventeen, I found myself laughing and enjoying it!


  1. This sounds so fun and the message is great. Lovely review. I will have to see if I can find it. :)

    Jenea @ Books Live Forever

  2. That title grab my attention immediately! So happy that you guys introduced this. Now I have to grab a copy of this book.

  3. The title is attention grabbing itself. Thanks for putting this on my radar!

  4. I've this book around, and it sounds a like a really fun, short dead! That you can do with occasionally! It sounds like some elements you could relate too as well! Which I like about these novels! Great Interview Farah! :)

  5. I like that they actually used a model who eats food. Usually the titles say something about fatness and the model's arm is as big around as a tooth pick. Just reading about you reading about the food made me hungry. *hunts for snack*

  6. I've never heard of this book before but it definitely sounds like a lot of fun and unique! If I ever pick it up, I will when I have a ton of food 'cause it'll definitely make me very hungry. Great review, Farah.

    Sana @ artsy musings of a bibliophile

  7. I LOVE food, too! Can't last an hour without, practically. I've heard quite a lot of good things about this book, and it sounds really fun. I love the message, too. You shouldn't have to be the width of a stick to get a man! Lovely review, Farah!

  8. I love food, too! So a book like this would make me super hungry.

    I also like that the MC is a bigger body shape than the descriptions of most female MCs in YA!

  9. This sounds like such an adorable read Farah, it hugely reminds me of the Heather Wells series by Meg Cabot, a series which I adored! I think I will definitely have to give this book a try when I'm in the mood for something light and funny! :)

  10. I haven't heard of this one, but it sounds sooo adorable! And gosh, that title is just cracking me up. I really enjoy books that just make you relax and where you don't have to think so hard, so I think I will definitely enjoy this!

    I'm glad you still ended up liking it despite it's length! Fab review, Farah! :D

    ~ Maida
    Literary Love Affair

  11. Since I too am a food lover I am definitely drawn to this book. It sounds really cute and perfect for when I just need something light to read.