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February 15, 2013

Cover Reveal and Love! 16 beautiful covers to ogle!

Check out all the awesome covers that have been released the past couple of weeks! Some of these covers can only be described as "Drop Dead Gorgeous" while others are unique and are totally memorable. I just love that some cover designers in YA have started to step away from the generic cover design and do something bold and different. 

Sweet Legacy: SO glad the cover design is the same for all three books! 
Famous Last Words: Love the addition of cartoonish drawing and a real model!
The Bitter Kingdom: Not the biggest fan of the ice/snow but love the consistency
Across a Star-Swept Sea: A girl in a dress, but its a great dress!
Infinityglass: Love this! the covers for this series stun me

Curtsies & Conspiracies: Gorgeous as usual, just as pretty as Etiquette & Espionage
Eternity: love the contrast between the blonde hair and red flowers
Teardrop: if not for the dress made of water, it would have been a cliche cover, but I love it now
Thornhill: I prefer the first one, but love the pink vines at the top of the cover
The Outside: One of my all time favorite covers, GORGEOUS

Black Out: Eye catching and original cover. Will appeal to both girls and boys
The Chaos of Stars: Another girl-less cover. I like the gold and blue
The Wicked Game: A bit weird, but in a good way
The Originals: That broken glass effect takes a typical cover into something unique
The Naturals: Love this cover, the girl, the greenish color, and the yellow strip across the title

Also, I must point out this beautiful book jacket of The Outside by Laura Bickle. How gorgeous is that cover? I would love a poster of it to stick up my bedroom wall! 

And of course, I wouldn't be a lifetime harry potter fan if I did not spotlight the new gorgeous cover of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone from Scholastic. All 7 books will be redesigned and released in september of 2013, at Harry Potter's 15 year anniversary. 

What do you guys think of all these covers? which ones are your favorites and are most excited about?


  1. I'm super finicky about me covers. I am partial to The Outside and Infinity Glass. Sadly, I don't really like any of the others, well except Harry Potter, that one is my FAVORITE!

  2. WOW!!! I want them all just by the cover :D


  3. So many beautiful covers! I love the one for Diana Peterfreund's new book. Also Thorn Hill, Blackout, The Outside... ALL OF THEM.

  4. OH MY GOODNESS. All the beauty! <3 I especially love the covers for Infinitiyglass (that cover just blows my mind), Across a Swept Sea, The Chaos of the Stars, and Black Out (the black/yellow combination is just seriously awesome!).

    Thank you so much for sharing!! <3 I can't wait to read all of these books!

  5. So many fantastic covers! And oh my goodness! It has been 15 years of Harry Potter, I love the new covers wish I waited and bought those instead :)

    Happy Reading! TheBookFaerie

  6. Oooo I like 'Across a Star-Swept Sea', 'Teardrop' and of course the new Harry Potter one! Hard to believe it's been 15 years. The cover is really cute. I wish this is what they had looked like when they first came out.

  7. So much pretty! I absolutely LOVE the cover for The Chaos of Stars. Though I doubt I'll ever read it as the author's books never seem to fully work for me. :P I hadn't come across The Wicked Game before so thanks for putting it on my radar.

  8. Wow so many beautiful covers! I love the ones for Across a Star-Swept Sea, The Chaos of Stars and The Originals although all of them are pretty. I don't see a single one that I dislike completely. The Wicked Game's is a little off. Something about the text really isn't working on that one for me, I think it's the bright yellow.

    When I first heard that HP was getting new covers I was ready to hate them all. I really love the art for the first one that they've revealed though. It's so beautiful, well done and true to the original.

  9. I love the new HP cover! I didn't know they were going to make new ones, but I'm happy it's turning out so good.

    So many beautiful covers o.o But almost all blueish hehe. I can't wait for Sweet Legacy and The Bitter Kingdom.

  10. Nice covers! I added some books to my tbr pile.

  11. Oh.. The new Harry Potter cover really excites me!