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November 27, 2012

Mini Reviews: The Crimson Hunt and Crash

The Crimson Hunt (Eldaen Light Chronicles, #1)Title: The Crimson Hunt (Eldaen Light Chronicles)
Author: Victoria H. Smith
DOP: November 8, 2012
New Adult (Paranormal)

Rating: 2/5 stars
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The Crimson Hunt had the most amazing synopsis, however I was unfortunately disappointed when I started reading the novel. I felt the undeniable and unexplainable attraction to this mysterious guy was just so overly done in books. Also, the paranormal aspect of the novel started only halfway through the novel, where by then I was already restless and tired of the push and pull between them. Also, the love interest, Luca, does something that I could never forgive or get past so I couldn't digest the romance that went on and skimmed through any romantic moments between the two. This reminded me a bit of The Shadow Society with the people from the other world. Also the whole chosen one wasn't something that I liked. I just felt this novel was a bit too repetitive and I just didn't enjoy it. The only thing that I actually liked was her best friend and also Luca's parents. Other than that, this novel won't be a memorable one for me.

Crash (Crash, #1)Title: Crash (Crash, #1)
Author: Nicole Williams
DOP: July 19, 2012
Genre(s): New Adult (Contemporary)
Rating: 4/5 stars
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Wow, Crash took me on a whirl winded and scary ride. The main protagonist, Lucy experienced it all first handed and let me tell, I was afraid for her life and just intimidated by the world she ventured in and I was only the reader. Imagine how she felt huh? Anyways, Lucy meets Jude and they instantly start a relationship together. Granted it was immediate, but full of taunts, teases, and warnings to drop everything and run the other way. You didn't expect that huh? that last bit was told by Jude to Lucy multiple times. I, and Lucy herself, didn't take him seriously. I mean how many "bad boys" have you guys read in novels that turned out to be misunderstood caring guys? almost 100% of them! However Jude breaks that mold.. not just breaks, but shatters it to micro pieces. The company he keeps are so freaking scary and dangerous. Lucy ended up in near death situations, and in heart breaking ones too. Honestly I applaud Lucy for sticking to what she believes in and wants, any sane girl who feared for her life would have ran the other way in an instant. See here is my dilemma, I liked this novel (hence the 4 stars) but at the same time I was uncomfortable reading it. Jude would call himself trash every 5 seconds and I would be holding my breath for any more dangerous situations. So I really enjoyed this novel, but its the type of novel that you would need to take a long break from after you finish it, which is why I haven't picked up Clash yet. I am scared witless of what would happen next. All in all, Williams is a great story writer, I was always looking for that book that has an authentic bad boy and I guess I found it! Pick it up, its a great new adult novel. 


  1. Crash sounded a little like Beautiful Disaster to me when I first heard about it, so I didn't think it would be my sort of thing. I definitely want to give it a shot one day now though!

  2. Yikes, I was tempted by Crash. I mean, I really like the covers for the series, and the ballet intrigued me. Based on your review, despite you really enjoying it, I am running for the hills. While I'm glad Jude does at least know he's trash and that he's actually a bad boy, I would be shouting at the book for Lucy to get the hell out of that horrifying relationship the whole time. So yeah, probably not for me. Thanks for the warning!

  3. Great reviews!! I really liked Crash, but I had a hard time really liking Jude. I know people are totally falling all over themselves for him, but I can't get past the over the top jealously and the extreme temper. To me it seems like a very destructive relationship and I can't see myself rooting for them to be together unless he really changes. I definitely will be reading Clash though. I am a sucker for the emotional, raw, gritty books.

  4. Nice reviews! To bad on Crimson Hunt, I have to read that book as well. I still need to read Crash/Clash :)

  5. I love mini-reviews! I'm still making up my mind whether New Adult is for me -- I'll have to give a few more titles a try.

  6. Crush has been on my to-read list forever! I must read it soon, only I don't have time right now. I'm glad you like it. Crimson Hunt honestly doesn't sound like something I'd love so.. :)
    Great reviews! :)

  7. Oooh, I really want to read Crash now!

    Great review, Juhina!

  8. The Crimson Hunt definitely sounds like a skip for me.
    Crash sounds interesting though. I'm a bit curious about this romance but kind of scared too. It sounds like one I will yell at a lot. ;)
    Awesome reviews Juhina and thanks for your honesty!

  9. I've been wanting to read Crash but it does sound like a dysfunctional train wreck of a romance. I do enjoy a good train wreck though! I just need to be in the right mood.

  10. Oohh I love the sound of Crash - going to check it out NOW.