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October 04, 2012

Which Cover is Calling for You (4) - All Things Red Edition

Hello lovely readers! Let me ask you a question. Have you ever picked up a book just by its cover? ok let me take a little bit further, have you ever picked up said book, was mesmerized by the cover and without looking at the synopsis you bought it? if you've said yes to the first or both questions then this post is for you! From time to time I am going to show you guys some YA titles along with their gorgeous covers and you guys let me know which one is your favorite. Of course each post will have a different theme so you will be able to compare between them!
All Things RED
I personally LOVE the cover of Beautiful, even though I prefer to show case upcoming titles for this post, but I couldn't help myself and HAD to add this one as part of this Red edition! The secret of Ella & Micha is also very pretty. I especially love all the redness in it including her nails, lips, AND hair!
Reached by Ally Condie fits this post. You have to follow the cover of the full series to really appreciate this one. I love the cover here. As for Vengeance Bound, this is a kick butt cover and the red totally makes this cover! 
Last edition was the Reflection Edition, and below are the results!

What do YOU guys think? Which one of these books would you zoom in on from far away and just rush over to stare at its beautiful cover and then buy? Vote below and let me know what you think in the comments section!
Which cover is calling for you? All things RED free polls 


  1. I would have to say Ella and Micha.

  2. Great idea for a post! I have to go with Vengeance's very different and it seems as if it has a deeper meaning to the story! LOVE IT! :D

    ~ Maida @ Literary Love Affair

  3. This is a hard one! I like them all, but don't LOVE any of them. I just picked one at random for my vote. ;)

  4. I absolutely love the covers for Reached and Vengeance Bound. I am a sucker for covers with red. Especially red and black or red and white. I love the contrast!!

  5. I've always loved the simplicity of the Matched series covers, so Reached I think is my favorite:) I do love Vengeance Bound too though, I think the bright read against all the white is striking. I'm in love with this feature. Just saying:)

  6. I love the cover of Vengeance Bound!!! Especially those griffin statues in the background!

  7. What a cool feature, I would be drawn to Reached. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Reached and Vengeance Bound are very eye catching with the white and red!

  9. The secret of Ella & Micha

  10. Ha, I love this feature! :) And I'm voting for Beautiful as well!

  11. The Secret of Ella and Micha has quite a lot of covers! :P This one's pretty too but I like the other one (the one I featured on my blog) better. :)
    I'm loving the cover of Beautiful! Thanks for sharing and visiting! ^_^