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August 10, 2012

Which Cover is Calling For You? Portraits edition

Hello lovely readers! Let me ask you a question. Have you ever picked up a book just by its cover? ok let me take a little bit further, have you ever picked up said book, was mesmerized by the cover and without looking at the synopsis you bought it? if you've said yes to the first or both questions then this post is for you! From time to time I am going to show you guys some upcoming YA titles along with their gorgeous covers and you guys let me know which one is your favorite. Of course each post will have a different theme so you will be able to compare between them!

I personally love the texture added to the cover of Mind Games. It gives the colors a bright hue. I also love the color of her eyes and lips! As for Skinny, I love that they didn't show her full face and the expression on her face along with the writing of Skinny sets the mood of this book marvelously! 

If you haven't read the synopsis of The Murmurings you might think this book is about a fighter. Maybe into boxing or martial arts? but this book is straight out creepy. After reading the synopsis every time I look at this cover I get the shivers! As for Between You & Me, the cover doesn't really tell anything about what the book is about. The cover is pretty biased towards red!, I personally love the sunglasses. I wished they zoomed out a bit to get the full face though!
What do YOU guys think? Which one of these books would you zoom in on from far away and just rush over to stare at its beautiful cover and then buy? Vote below and let me know what you think in the comments section!
*poll closed* Below are the results!


  1. It was hard for me to choose between Mind Games and Between You & Me, but I finally chose Mind Games !

  2. The Murmurings would make me do a double take in the bookstore. :)