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July 27, 2012

Summer Book Talk: Day 3 - Guest Post by a BookTuber

Hello lovely readers! The Summer Book Talk event is on its third day! Today we're shaking things up by bringing in an amazing booktuber, blogger, and friend! She's been a blogging for almost two years and book tubing for one month less. Now some of you might not know what does booktuber mean, which is why I brought in Amber (yes one of the co-hosts!) from Books of Amber and also the YouTube channel: Books of Amber. She will be discussing the difference between a book blogger and a BookTuber and the transition, the juggling, and the keeping up with both communities! 

Firstly, thank you to Juhina and Farah for having me! I don't do many guest posts, and this is rather exciting.  
Secondly, let's get down to business and talk about Booktubing 
I started my book blog in September 2010, and for a month or so I just posted text posts. Then, after becoming more involved with the community, I noticed that a few people often recorded videos for their book hauls and I wanted in on that. It seemed like such a fun idea, and it really was! So in October of the same year, I decided to create a Youtube channel.  
When I first joined Youtube as a book blogger, there were only a handful of other vloggers with bookish channels on there. No one had even coined the term 'Booktube' yet! We were a tight knit little community, and I loved it. I decided upon joining that I didn't want just post book haul videos, but reviewing could be fun as well. I found a new love of making videos and talking to a camera, and I just continued on with it.  
In the months after I started Booktubing, many other bloggers joined the Youtube book community. Someone came up with a name, and we all became Booktubers. The community grew and grew, and now there are literally thousands of Booktubing channels on Youtube. Many of the 'oldies' from my early months have left or put their channels on hold, but new ones keep popping up at an astounding rate. 
I think the reason most Booktubers begin their journey into the realm of vlogging is the amazing community we have. Since the community has grown, there are now all sorts of channels and videos for every taste and preference. If you want organised and creative, you go to The Readables, if you're looking for something crazy and fun, you can visit PadfootandProngs07. The list goes on. 
I find it very easy to talk to a camera now. It came quite naturally to me, although there was a settling in period, of course. I think that once you get used to it, vlogging becomes such a fun way to talk directly to your viewers, and even the regular readers of your blog. People enjoy putting a face to the name, and they LOVE seeing someone speak about books with such enthusiasm. 
If you've been thinking about joining the Booktubing community, but have been too nervous to start, then please, don't be! They (we) are the friendliest bunch of people, and we have tonnes of great discussions. So if you think it might be for you, then give it a try! The book community on Youtube would love to have you.
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  1. It sounds like a great medium to use!! I'll have to check it out.