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April 15, 2012

Author interview with Cate Tiernan!

Hello lovely readers! Juhina with you here! Today I have an interview with the awesome Cate Tiernan is the author of the Sweep and Balefire series, all of them about magick! My favorite paranormal sub-genre! Her latest magical series is Immortal Beloved. The first two books, Immortal Beloved & Darkness Falls, are already out while the third one, Eternally Yours, is out at the end of this year! 

Cate Tiernan was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, on July 24th, 1961. She went to New York University and studied writing and Russian language and literature. She finally graduated from Loyola University, in New Orleans, with a degree in Russian.Nowadays she lives in North Carolina with her daughters and husband and stepsons. Her house is surrounded by land and woods and it feels like they're in the country. They have dogs and cats and lots of stuff going on all the time. Cate Says "It’s a good life.". Cate Tiernan is the author of Sweep, Balefire, and the new Immortal Beloved series along with some children's books she's written under another name. 
Hello Cate! I just wanted to say that you are an amazing author and your books are so unique and different from all the paranormal books out there! What made you decide to write books about magick?  
Thank you so much! I appreciate it. When I was little I loved books about magick, fairy tales, the Chronicles of Narnia, and so on. The idea that magick might exist in the world is so compelling, so enthralling. Real life can be very challenging and also rewarding--but I love the idea of life enhanced by magick, of magick being an extra special facet of life. When I write about it, it's easy for me to believe that it's real. And when I write about it, I can make it anything I want. 
2.Both your Sweep and Immortal Beloved series are about magick; are you planning on exploring other genres anytime soon? 
There was magick in Balefire also! But yes, in the project I'm developing now, I'm trying to do something quite different, with supernatural elements but no magick per se, no spells. I like exploring different things.

3. It seems that your characters always find a way to my heart: Hunter from Sweep, and now Reyn AND Incy from Immortal Beloved! Who is your favorite character? And is there a character you love to hate?  
Gosh--I think my favorite characters are always the female ones--Morgan and Sky and the twins and then Nastasya. I don't know that I have a true favorite--I love different things about each of them. I thought Morgan's father, Ciaran, was very, very charismatic. And, of course, evil. Which is bad. But I totally understood why Morgan would find him so seductive, emotionally.

4.If you had magic powers, what would be the first thing you would do with them? Why?  
Probably spells to keep my children safe. Then spells to keep the deer from eating all the plants in the yard. Then a spell on my dogs to make them never roll in anything dead again.

5. What can we expect from the upcoming journey of Nasty in the Immortal Beloved series?  
Oh, goodness, Nastasya. Nasty takes two steps forward and three steps back, then a couple more steps forward, and so on. She really has to face all her demons in order to really come out into the light. But she does make progress, she does start to grow up, at last, after 459 years, and she does get Reyn to--wait, I can't give that away!

haha I actually held my breath for that! 
Thanks Cate! I appreciate you taking the time to do this interview
Thank you so much for asking me! Take care!


  1. Fun interview, Juhina! I really liked Hunter from the Sweep series too, and I hear people rave about the boys in the Immortal Beloved series. :) Can't wait to meet them, especially after reading this.

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

  2. Great interview guys! I love that Cate would use her magical powers to keep the deer from eating all the plants in the yard. :D

  3. Awesome interview, Juhina!!! I have her BALEFIRE books but haven't read them yet I really need to move it up on the list!


    So say we all!

  4. I love this interview! Cate Tirenan's Immortal Beloved series is one of my favorites and I have to say it doesn't get much better than Natasaya! I could read ten more books about her:)