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January 27, 2012

Opinions, Thoughts, Ramblings: Books: Oldies

Its saturday, so it's time for Opinions, Thoughts, Ramblings! Opinions, Thoughts, Ramblings! is just a thing Juhina and I did, so we can basically post any random book/ or blog related posts!

Today, i want to talk about some of the books that aren't so known, and that are also old, and that i just enjoyed reading them! If you haven't read any of these books, you SHOULD because they are just amazing. 
Watch my video to check out the books that i love!

Girl Overboard by Aimee Ferris
The Whispering Road by Livi Michael
Going for the Record by Julie A. Swanson
Fast Friends by Julia DeVillers


Girl Overboard is such a cH ill summer book! It was so fun to read, because I also read it in the summer. I loved the concept of the ocean, and the sea animals and whales and dolphins and aaah *sigh* I love the ocean. I loved the romance and the fact that they are staying in dorms and all that awesome stuff.
The Whispering Road is such a heart warming book I'll never forget about. It's about a brother and a sister who try to run away from a farm, because people treated them like slaves. They run in search of their mother, with the help of fictional creatures. I love the mix and reality and fiction in this book. Such a great, and touching middle grade book!
Going for the Record is an all time favorite. It's a book that i couldn't PUT DOWN! This book made my feelings stir in a way that no book could. Happiness with shock, and sadness. Such a beautiful twist that in the end, brought me to tears. Unfortunately, I need to buy this book, since i read it from my library :(
Fast Friends by Julia DeVillers are such a FUN FUN FUN series of books! Me and Juhina had such a fun time reading them, and we still re-read them sometimes! Fast Friends is about a group of girls who get signed to do a photo shoot for "Limited Too". Yes the Limited Too that you bought your grade 4 jeans from. It might sound girly and stupid, but they were so fun to read!

Those were some of the books that were kind of old/ or that weren't known by a lot of people! If any of you guys got some old favorites, or some unknown favorites, PLEASE leave it in the comment section below so I can run to goodreads and search them up! 


  1. It's still Friday here in America, but I wanted to see what you had going on over here! Aimee Ferris wrote Prom and Prejudice I think. She had some funny pictures at one time of authors from their proms on her website when she was promoting it.
    I have not read any of these. But they sound good especially The Whispering Road. When I get a chance, sigh!

    I used to read Nancy Drew with my best friend. We tried to best each other to get the whole series. At the time there were only 54. I don't remember who won, but once when she came to visit me she brought me a Nancy Drew book. I thought it was a great thing to do. So many great memories over books!!


  2. I have seen SASS books before but I shrugged them off because the different author thing seemed weird to me. But that was like 3 years ago and now that you recommended it, I will give this series a try:D I love the covers! So girly & cute and I'm not an overly girly girl.

    Racquel @ The Book Barbies♥
    -thank you&come again.

  3. I haven't seen any of these before, but I will definitely check out The Whispering Road as it sounds like a good read. Thanks for sharing Farah! :)

  4. A middle grade that I love is Kira, Kira by Cynthia Kadohata! (I think that's how you spell it!). It is so fast to read but also so well written.

    Lovely feature :)