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December 13, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Books to Buy for Friends & Family!

Hello! Farah here! 
Today's Top Ten Tuesday theme is about what you would want to buy for your friends and family. This is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. I dont know alot of people who like reading, but ill try my best to find 10 people!

For my friend Rawan. She is so in love with paranormal/dystopian books after i introduced her to The Host & The Hunger Games.

For my sister. I ruined her Harry Potter (#1) book when i was a kid. So she's always reminding me how i need to buy her the book with the same cover. Which is the same as the picture. And i cant find it anymore.

For my other friend, Einass. She is in love with the Mortal Instruments, and she's the one who recommended Cassandra Clare for me. She owns the first 3 books, but not the 4th.

For my 11 year old cousin, Dana. She loves reading, and i never see her without holding a book. All she does is READ! The Hunger Games might be a bit violent for her now, i dunno. But ill definitely want to buy her this book and welcome her to the Hunger Games world ;)

For my friend, Menna B. She is such a slow reader, and has been reading "The Lying Game" for three months now! So ill probably give her the second book as a gift for finally finishing the first! ;P

For Juhina's friend, Alia. She fell in love with this book after burrowing our copy, and wants one of her own. She cant find a hardcover copy, but can only find a paperback which she wont buy.

For my teacher who loves this book. He recommended it for me, and it really needed thinking, but it was a nice and different read.

For my other teacher, Mr.George, who taught me in grade six. He's in love with himself, therefore, a book about him would be totally cool for him.

For my mom. She used to always read when she was young, but now she never finds the time. She loves real-life stories, and if there was an arabic version of this book, id buy it for her right now.

For my friend, Nataly. She is a major twilight fan, and somebody stole her copy when she left it in her locker last year. She still tells me the story and how pissed she is. 

Hope you enjoy! Leave a comment below and put a link of YOUR Top Ten Tuesday this week.

1 comment:

  1. All the books you suggested are fantastic reads! I loved most of them, especially Harry Potter, The Hunger Games & Anna and the French Kiss :)