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November 15, 2011

Review: Bright Young Things by Anna Godbersen - Farah

Title: Bright Young Things
Author: Anna Godbersen
Publication date: October, 12, 2010
Genre(s): Historical Fiction (Young Adult)
Publisher: Harper Collins
Source: Hardcover
Pages: 389

The year is 1929. New York is ruled by the Bright Young Things: flappers and socialites seeking thrills and chasing dreams in the anything-goes era of the Roaring Twenties.
Letty Larkspur and Cordelia Grey escaped their small Midwestern town for New York's glittering metropolis. All Letty wants is to see her name in lights, but she quickly discovers Manhattan is filled with pretty girls who will do anything to be a star…
Cordelia is searching for the father she's never known, a man as infamous for his wild parties as he is for his shadowy schemes. Overnight, she enters a world more thrilling and glamorous than she ever could have imagined—and more dangerous. It's a life anyone would kill for . . . and someone will.
The only person Cordelia can trust is Astrid Donal, a flapper who seems to have it all: money, looks, and the love of Cordelia's brother, Charlie. But Astrid's perfect veneer hides a score of family secrets.

This book, is set in 1929. From reading the synopsis itself, i felt like it wasn't a book for me but i wanted to give it a try. Im not into reading historical fiction books, because i don't like reading about anything historical. I wasn't wrong, because i ended up to not liking this book.
The characters felt too cliche to me. How Letty wanted to be a "star", how Cordelia wanted to find her rich father, and how Astrid wanted... to find love? I honestly don't know. All they wanted to do is just get famous or become rich and live a glorious life. I mean there is many other things that are important in this world other than money and fame. I just didn't enjoy reading about their ways of wanting to reach their beloved fantasies. 
While i was reading, I felt there was no story to it. What is the point? After they reach fame, then what? I felt like there was no point of reading on. 
The only interesting character in the book was Cordelia. I felt that she was the best of them all. She was very cool, and her story was the most interesting of the three. Letty's story was childish to me and Astrid was like a third wheel to me, overshadowed by other characters, She was just Charlie's lover and Cordelia's best friend. 
Overall I was really disappointed in the book, and it felt too shallow for me, there was no climax to the story. Maybe this is because I don't understand how people lived in the 1920s, or that I have never felt that interested in historical fiction, but i thought I'd give it a try, you should too.

Rating: 2 - Not my type of tune


  1. I haven't read this series yet but I have read the Luxe series by the same author. While I didn't all out love the Luxe series I thought it was good. I think with historical novels you have to realize that not always did women in that time period get everything they want. What the author tries to portray is the fact that each one of these girls has a dream that she will have to struggle to make happen in a world that was ruled and is still ruled by men. There were not always happy endings during that time period. At least that is why I appreciated The Luxe Series. I have this one on my shelf and I hope to read it soon.

    I'm sorry you didn't like this one, we all can't find rhythm with stories from the past.

  2. @Alexa Hey! i totally agree with you! I just didnt feel interested in reading about something like that. Like you said, not everyone can find rhythm with historical fiction. :) Well anyhow, i hope You enjoy it :D


  3. Mmm...I won this book recently, but haven't had a chance to read it yet. It's unfortunate you didn't like it. Will have to read it myself first and see if I agree since I don't mind historical fiction. Will just need to see if the book is well written. Nevertheless, thanks for sharing your review.