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November 05, 2011

Readathon update

So it has been exactly two days since the readathon has started! There has been ALOT of reading going on. In the car, while walking in a mall, while eating lunch, you name it! Here are our updates!

Juhina update

1. Finished reading North of Beautiful, i was halfway done a couple of months ago (170 pg read)
2. Currently reading Paranormalcy (276/335 pages read so far)
3. Hopefully today i will finish up reading Paranormalcy and start reading Dancegirl

North of BeautifulParanormalcy (Paranormalcy, #1)dancergirl (WiHi series, #1)

Farah update

1. Finished reading The Earth, My Butt, & Other Big Round Things (246 pages read)
2. Currently reading Hush Hush (230/391 pages read)
3. Review of The Earth, My Butt, & Other Big Round Things has been posted
4. Hopefully today i will finish up reading Hush Hush and start reading Saving June

The Earth, My Butt and Other B...Hush, Hush (Hush, Hush, #1)Saving June (Paperback)

How are you guys doing so far in this readathon?
Let us know in the comments section or link us to your update post! 
Happy reading!


  1. I've only read 2 books out of five on my readathon list so far. Dancergirl looks interesting :) and i really should read Paranormalcy, i've been meaning to for quite some time now. i totally understand the "reading everywhere"-part lol, i sometimes read in class.

  2. You girls are making me feel like such the slacker! I haven't even finished one book yet and day 3 is almost over! AHH!!! 4 days left to read 4 bks! Eeep! I'll be reading 24/7 now just to finish!