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November 07, 2011

The book I am most grateful for is.....

Beth Revis, the author of Across The Universe, and upcoming sequel A Million Suns, is hosting an amazing giveaway of 19 signed books. What you need to do to enter is make a post about the book that you are most grateful for. Now let me just say that as SOON as i read this i KNEW which book that is. I don't care how cliche or overdone the choice is, i honestly owe this book and author alot. Read below to know which book and why.

The book(s) i have chosen are the Harry Potter series (surprise!). I have been a harry potter fan ever since i picked up the books. Now let me start at the beginning. 

When i was in sixth grade i used to live in Calgary, Canada. I didn't know much english (it's my second language) and my elementary school had a sort of book fair. My parents were all for me reading books and expanding my English vocabulary and ability so they told me to choose whichever books i want. 
The first four harry potter books were already published, and i saw many people swarmed around them and i had to take a look. I don't know what did it, what made me decide to buy them but i got all four. I started reading them and fell IN LOVE. While i didn't understand a lot of the words but it was a world of magic, and which 10 year old kid wouldn't love that? After reading them all i told my parents i wanted more books to read! we all signed up at our local library and i was in heaven. Harry Potter opened up the world of reading for me, it helped me acquire the English language and i honestly can't imagine my life without reading. 

Anyone who knows me knows i am the biggest harry potter fan ever. When the 7th book came out, my heart ached, and when it ended, i cried for hours, it was like the end of my childhood. A beautiful childhood and teenhood filled with magic, first loves, heartbreaks, best friends, and emotional roller coasters that you always want to ride over again. 

What book are you most grateful for? head over to Beth Revis's blog and sign up here!


  1. Oh my goodness such a good choice. I have to agree with you. Love it so, so much and always will!

  2. @We Need Reads: harry potter will always be a big part of our lives, even with its ending =).

    thanks for stopping by!

    - juhina