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October 14, 2011

Review: "Sweet Venom" By Tera Lynn Childs - Farah

Title: Sweet Venom
Author: Tera Lynn Childs
My rating: ★★★★★
Synopsis (via goodread)

Grace just moved to San Francisco and is excited to start over at a new school. The change is full of fresh possibilities, but it’s also a tiny bit scary. It gets scarier when a minotaur walks in the door. And even more shocking when a girl who looks just like her shows up to fight the monster.  
Gretchen is tired of monsters pulling her out into the wee hours, especially on a school night, but what can she do? Sending the minotaur back to his bleak home is just another notch on her combat belt. She never expected to run into this girl who could be her double, though.  
Greer has her life pretty well put together, thank you very much. But that all tilts sideways when two girls who look eerily like her appear on her doorstep and claim they're triplets, supernatural descendants of some hideous creature from Greek myth, destined to spend their lives hunting monsters. 
These three teenage descendants of Medusa, the once-beautiful gorgon maligned by myth, must reunite and embrace their fates in this unique paranormal world where monsters lurk in plain sight.

My Review:
What made me START reading this book was its LOVELY AND BEAUTIFUL cover. I know, i know, you aren't supposed to judge a book by its cover, but to be honest, i DO. Anyways, i started reading this book without even reading its synopsis. 
After i started reading it, the FIRST thing i loved was how every chapter or so was written from someone else's point of view. Like one chapter, Gretchen would be talking. The other chapter, Grace would be talking, and so on. This way, i got to know what ALL of them were thinking and how each one of them felt about each other and the situations they faced.  
The writing was beautiful. I really fell in love with the book from the start. It was SO INTERESTING in a way i cant even describe. As soon as i started reading, i couldn't put the book down. Actually i had to, because i had to study and go to school, but you know what i mean.  
Now let me talk about the characters. As soon as you read the synopsis, you will know that they are triplets. So i loved how every one of them was so different. Gretchen was so tough and cool. While Grace was so optimistic and always looking for the best in people. While Greer was a snob (at first), and cares too much about her "social calendar" as she says :P But in the end, i love all three of them to bits.  
Even though this book is paranormal and talks about mythical monsters and all, it wasn't confusing to read. I really liked Tera's writing because even though i have never seen any of these monsters (maybe someday i will), it wasn't so hard imagining them. It wasn't even hard imagining the fights and stuff. So i really liked that. 
So overall, this book (as you can see above) is rated 5 for me. I loved it, and i cant WAIT to read the second book of this series. 

Happy Reading <3


  1. wow you seem to have loved it! i think i'll read this soon!! :D

    - Juhina

  2. I really must pick this one up! I am so in love with mythology. Thanks for the great review!

  3. @Rie Conley Yesss its such an AMAZING book!! You should go read it! And thank you :D

  4. I liked Beautiful Creatures, I hope you enjoyed it

  5. @Jess Haha yea i hope i doo! But u commented on the Sweet Venom review post :P

  6. Thanks goodness you loved this one. It's currently sitting on my shelf waiting...the reviews have been mixed. I've been itching to read it though! Can't wait.