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October 08, 2011

Review: “If I Stay” by Gayle Forman - Farah

Title: If I Stay
Author: Gayle Forman
My rating: ★★★★★*
Synopsis:  17-year-old Mia has a wonderful family consisting of her quirky ex-punk rocker-now teacher dad, her feisty travel-agent mother and endearing younger brother Teddy. When school is cancelled due to snow, Mia’s mother takes the day off work and they decide to have a family outing.
On the way to visit Mia’s grandparents, their car skids on the road and crashes into another vehicle. Mia is stunned to discover that her parents have died on impact, changing her world forever. If I Stay is an account of the 24 hours from Mia’s breakfast with her family through to the aftermath of the accident.
My Review:
Im just…. speechless. This book, gave me goosebumps all the way. The feelings i had while reading this book, were sadness, happiness, joy, love, it was just EVERYTHING. This book touched me to the bottom of my heart. I honestly never expected it to be this good. It was beautiful. I loved the way it was written, how one chapter were flashbacks, and how the other chapter was in the present. That way, the author allowed us to know the past and present of the characters, which made me connect with them even more.
This book taught me a lot, especially to appreciate every second i live. The reason i loved this book, was because it made me feel, that maybe this is what you might approach some day in your life. To choose a decision, that might be as important as life and death. When that time comes, we have to be strong right? Thats exactly what this book showed me.
While reading this book, i cried alot. It hurt me, like a whole in my heart. But that doesn’t mean i wouldn’t read it again. Like, i dont really care i cried, because i enjoyed it you know?
If you didnt read this book, and if you like books that make you cry and arent all happy happy, you should totally give it a shot and read it. There is also a sequel to it called “Where She Went”. 
Happy Reading! <3


  1. I cried reading this book too! It was such a great story but it was very very sad. I agree that this book was a great reminder to appreciate every minute!

  2. ive reviewed it a couple of posts before and my sister and I finally agree on something. This book is amazing. I've basically cried my eyes out. I've just read Where She Went and the review will be up soon =)


  3. I've been wanting to read this one! It looks sooo good! And I haven't read a book that made me cry in a while! lol I LOVE the new blog btw! SUper cute! I just signed up for October RAK. Have you done one before? This one is my first! You should sign up too so you can be my RAK! ;)

  4. Hey crissy!! ;) the RAK thing? Isn't it north America only ? My problem is that I don't own a lot of books. How many books is expected of us to send? Because I'm already joining the Christmas snow even for December, you joining that?

  5. No Its not North America only. Its open to anyone! They encourage you to use Book Depository when your buying books for people who live overseas. They only ask that if you sign up you send at least ONE item to someone. If you can't afford a book it can be a handmade or crafted item. You can send more if you like, its just up to each peron and what they are able to do. I will probably only be able to send one or two items. But they do it every month! :)

  6. I had goosebumps too when I read this! It was such a moving and thoughtful story, and I absolutely could not set it down.

  7. I absolutely loved this book! It was just so achingly beautiful. The anguish was there throughout. Definitely one of my favorites of the year.

  8. I love this book! I need to read the sequel.